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  1. Fernley is a great track for the big single!!! Had more fun there on my DRZ than any of my roadrace bikes.
  2. ZXR400

    Anybody have a stock E muffler for sale?

    I have one,and the header too, send me an email at riverphoto at yahoo.com and I'll send you a pic or two. Or just make me an offer I can't refuse. Craig
  3. ZXR400

    3x3 on drz 400s

    Thanks, I'll play with it this weekend.
  4. ZXR400

    3x3 on drz 400s

    It's a 2002 Ca model. I've got a yosh system on the way, and I'm planning opening up the airbox this weekend. Have done one day on a kart track, still learning how to ride supermoto style, I'm a road racer. But the CRF/YZF's pretty much jump away on the exits even if I'm already accelerating before them. Craig
  5. ZXR400

    3x3 on drz 400s

    Would the jetting be much different with a full yosh system? Just picked up a DRZ400E set up for supermoto and I'm looking for a little power boost. It curently has a D&D slipon, it's way too loud, but I'm pretty sure the previous owner didn't jet after putting it on the bike.