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  1. ve7lyd

    XT350 / TT350 Shop Manual Download

    It's a 300 MB file (ish) if I can remember right, probably don't want that in your inbox. I'll upload it to a temporary website for you.
  2. ve7lyd

    XT350 / TT350 Shop Manual Download

    Ya the server that hosted that website was stolen over the weekend. I have a backup of the site, and I just need a little time to get it backup again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Jesse
  3. ve7lyd

    Importing bike into canada

    Quick list of things needed to bring a Off Road Only bike across the border: A copy of the Vehicle Title faxed to the border at least 72 hours (doesn't include weekends) before you bring it across. Also after you fax it to them, call them and make sure that they can read it. Another thing to do it get the hours that they are open. Sometimes the border can be open but the office is closed, so importing would be impossible. If your bike doesn't have the competition use only decal on it then you will need to call the manufacturer and get a recall clearance letter for the RIV. Once you go across the border to get it, you need the Title signed over into your name, and a Bill of sale or transfer of ownership. Once at the border you need to present along with those 2 papers a sales receipt (which can be a copy of a money order or cheque, a credit card receipt, etc). They may want to see the recall clearance letter at the border as well. If you have the competition only decal then you will pay GST and be on your way. Skip the rest till the last paragraph. If you don't have the decal then you need to fill out the RIV form 1 which will be given to you at the border. Then you will also have to pay the GST on the bike. You will also be told that you can pay the RIV fee (195 + Tax) online, which is here NOTE! Any money that needs to be paid at the border must be done with a credit card only. On form 1 put your e-mail address on it, the RIV will contact you via it and it'll be much quicker then if you get mailed the information. A week or 2 after you bring it across you will be informed that you you can now take it to any Canadian Tire (and a few other places) and have it federally inspected. They will also send you form 2 in a pdf (if contacted via e-mail). They will tell you which modifications (if any) need to be done to your bike. At the inspection center they will want the recall clearance letter, your vehicle title and Form 1 and 2. Once inspected your good to go. The inspector will fill out a form 2 for the government. Depending on which Provence your in, the rest of the process will vary. If your province has a registration system in place for off road dirt bikes then you will need to have it registered. In BC where I am, there is no off-road bike registration in place, so I would be done at this point. HELPFUL HINT: If calling the RIV, simply hit 1 for English and 0 to talk to someone, you don't need to listen to the menu's.
  4. ve7lyd

    Importing bike into canada

    Also unless it has the competition only decal you have to put you off-road or on road motorcycle through the RIV program. Therefore make sure you check the RIV list of vehicles admissible from the united states. If you bike isn't on that list then you can not import it. "All other restricted-use motorcycles (includes most pocket bikes, minibikes, off-road bikes & dirt bikes) are admissible, provided they have a VIN of 14 or 17 digits if its manufactured before December 1, 2004, and a 17 digit VIN if it's manufactured after December 1, 2004." HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI and YAMAHA, all models are admissible (street and dirt). KTM only a few street models are admissible. "Competition Vehicles are designed for use exclusively in closed-course competition. These vehicles are exempt from the RIV program provided they: bear a label affixed" Now, the Recall Clarence Letter... I have no idea if this is needed for restricted-use motorcycles. EDIT: After calling the RIV I found out that you do need a Recall Clarence Letter to import a off-road motorcycle. Funny story the 1st guy I talked to said that you didn't... then I looked on their website and it said that you do need one. So I talked to another lady who confirmed this that you indeed do need the letter.
  5. ve7lyd

    Importing bike into canada

    Did some internet digging and here is the pdf from the Canadian government stating that all motorcycles are duty free: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/trade-commerce/tariff-tarif/2008/01-99/ch87-eng.pdf Go to section 87.11, and specifically For Bikes with engines of: 8711.10.00 Less than 50cc 8711.20.00 50-250cc 8711.30.00 250-500cc 8711.40.00 500-800cc 8711.50.00 greater than 800cc In all cases the Tariff is free. From what I can tell any motorcycle, on road or off road has no duty. For motorcycles that are 25 years old or older this section applies: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/trade-commerce/tariff-tarif/2008/t2008-01/ch99-eng.pdf Section 9966.00.00 Every year they change the location of those documents, so next year those links will go 404, so to get there, take the following path: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html - Click Facilitating Trade (Left Side) Takes you to: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/trade-commerce/facil-eng.html - Click Customs Tariff Takes you to: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/trade-commerce/tariff-tarif/menu-eng.html - Click Most recent (amendments included) Takes you to: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/trade-commerce/tariff-tarif/2008/01-99/tblmod-1-eng.html -Click 87. This seems strange, I know people have paid duty on their motorcycles, but I can't find any document stating that there is duty. For cars I found the line which states that you must pay 6.1% duty on them, but of course under NAFTA the duty is exempt. FYI passenger vehicle tariff item is 8703.xx.00. So what I would say is anyone importing a motorcycle, print that document and bring it with you... it might just save you 6.1%.
  6. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has put a #46 pilot jet from a stock XT600 into a XT350 carb. Does it fit? I know the main jets do, but the pilot? Jesse http://xt350.ve7lyd.com
  7. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has put a #46 pilot jet from a stock XT600 into a XT350 carb. Does it fit? I know the main jets do, but the pilot? Jesse http://xt350.ve7lyd.com
  8. Hey all, I just acquired the shop manuals for the XT350 and TT350 from a fellow Thumpertalk member. I have posted them on http://xt350.ve7lyd.com. Cheers.
  9. ve7lyd

    XT350 Fork Seal Replacement

    Solved it myself. You need to make a specialty tool. Basically a 2 ft (or so) rod with a 7/8 nut welded on. You need to slip that into the fork to hold the inner cylinder so you can get the Allen screw out. Once that happens you can simply tug on the inner tube and the whole assembly comes apart.
  10. Hi all, Trying to replace the fork seals in my 98 XT350. I've got the forks off the bike and on the bench, drained the oil and removed the first dust seal (#6,24 on the Ron Ayers Fiche). I'm having trouble getting the second oil seal out though (#4,22 on the Ron Ayers Fiche). I've tried loosening the Allen head screw at the bottom of the fork but it just spins. I've looked inside the fork while turning the screw and the inner cylinder is spinning. I've tried pulling on the inner tube, to try and add friction to stop it from spinning, but that didn't work. Whats the trick to getting the fork completely apart... This is the first time I've worked on a fork before Thanks guys, Jesse 98 XT350
  11. ve7lyd

    XT Riders

    Hey Corky, You ordered a 452-XX from sprocket specialists. If you go to yamaha in the pull down menu on this page: http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/ProductSearch2.aspx says that the 312-XX series sprocket is for the XT350. Did you change your rear hub from the stock XT350? or is there simply 2 different models that will fit that bike?
  12. ve7lyd

    XT Riders

    Well, stock is a 55/19 = 2.89:1 Size wise a 428 19 is bigger then a 520 15 and smaller then a 520 16 so: 43/15 = 2.87:1 44/15 = 2.93:1 a 48/15 = 3.2:1 which will give you 90.5% of your speed from the stock setup Sprocket Specialists sell rears from 28 tooth to 74, and fronts from 14 to 17 teeth. -Jess Has anyone tried the 16 tooth front on the XT350? Is there enough clearance for the 520 chain to get around it? I'd like to get a 14 and a 16 for mine, switch between the two, use one for street and one for dirt. Thinking 46/16 street (100.5% of stock speed) and 46/14 dirt (88% of stock speed).
  13. ve7lyd

    XT Riders

    98 XT350 Going to do the 520 chain/sprocket upgrade and do the powernow upgrade to the carb, which should help richen up the stock lean needle and pilot jets. Also going to put a larger main jet in. Almost everything I've broken I've replaced with oem parts except: Upgraded the bars to Renthals (Stock one is still ok) Installed Dual Star mirrors Black barkbusters (Dont remember make) Kenda Track Master 120/100-18 rear Bridgestone Gritty 90/90-21 Front So far I've broken/replaced with oem parts: 428 chain front and rear sprockets air box cover right side white plastic (covers the muffler/airbox) seat cover bezel for the tacho/spedo Right side crankcase cover Plastic Tach gear Break/tail light lense Also have had to heat up the shifter and rear break levers several times with the torch and banged out a dent in the skid plate (same accident which cracked my crankcase cover right where the tach cable goes into the engine) -Jesse
  14. Hey All, Here is the list of jets that fit the XT350 (and others) Carb. PRIMARY MAIN JETS 288-14343-35-00 = 70 288-14343-39-00 = 78 288-14343-40-00 = 80 288-14343-41-00 = 82 288-14343-42-00 = 84 288-14343-43-00 = 86 288-14343-44-00 = 88 288-14343-45-00 = 90 288-14343-46-00 = 92 288-14343-47-00 = 94 288-14343-48-00 = 96 288-14343-49-00 = 98 288-14343-50-00 = 100 288-14343-51-00 = 102 288-14343-52-00 = 104 288-14343-53-00 = 106 288-14343-54-00 = 108 288-14343-55-00 = 110 288-14343-56-00 = 112 288-14343-57-00 = 114 288-14343-58-00 = 116 288-14343-59-00 = 118 288-14343-60-00 = 120 (XT 600 OPTION) 288-14355-61-00 = 122 288-14355-62-00 = 124 [AKA 288-14343-62-00] 288-14343-63-00 = 125 (XT 350 STOCK) 288-14355-64-00 = 128 [AKA 288-14343-64-00] (TW200 01-07 OPTION) 288-14343-65-00 = 130 (XT 600 STOCK) 288-14355-66-00 = 132.5 [AKA 288-14343-66-00] 288-14355-67-00 = 134 [AKA 288-14343-67-00] 288-14343-68-00 = 135 288-14343-70-00 = 140 (XT 600 OPTION) 288-14343-73-00 = 146 288-14329-74-00 = 148 [AKA 288-14343-74-00] 288-14329-75-00 = 150 [AKA 288-14343-75-00] 288-14343-76-00 = 152 288-14329-78-00 = 156 [AKA 288-14343-78-00] 288-14343-80-00 = 160 288-14329-81-00 = 162 288-14329-82-00 = 164 288-14329-83-00 = 166 288-14329-84-00 = 168 288-14329-86-00 = 172 288-14329-87-00 = 174 288-14329-88-00 = 176 SECONDARY MAIN JETS 30X-14343-40-00 = 80 30X-14343-50-00 = 100 30X-14343-51-00 = 102 30X-14343-52-00 = 104 (XT 600 STOCK SEC MAIN) 30X-14343-53-00 = 106 (XT 350 STOCK SEC MAIN) 30X-14343-55-00 = 110 not sure if available 30X-14343-60-00 = 120 30X-14343-63-00 = 125 PILOT JETS 30X-14342-19-00 = 38 30X-14342-20-00 = 40 30X-14342-21-00 = 42 (XT 350 STOCK) NOTE: If you take the part # (eg 288-14355-61-00) and multiply the "61" part by 2 you get the jet size (122) By the looks of things the only jet you can increase the size of is the primary Carb's main. The biggest pilot jet available from Yamaha is stock for the XT350. Does anyone know of an aftermarket supplier for the next size up pilot? Also, if the 110 isn't available for the secondary carb is moving from a stock 106 to a 120 too big of a jump? Jess -98 XT350
  15. Hey guys, I've noticed that some people use a XT600 main jet in the 350 to fix the factory too lean problem. There are 3 jets available for the 600, 1 of which is smaller then the 350 and 2 are larger. The XT350 uses a #125 and the 600 uses either a 120, 130 or a 140. On all the posts the people say "I replaced it with a XT600 jet, dont remember which one". My 98 XT350 runs quite lean, if I pull the choke a little I notice it runs better. Is going to the 140 too much of a jump from the stock 125, or does it seem about right? Jess