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  1. I have owned a husky sm610 for a few months. They say much better than sm510 with new upgrades this year. Today a thunderstorm came in quick, pooring rain, in unfamiliar road, 35 mph suddenly didn't see stop sign, locked up.... cross the intersection into and semi-over a 3' stone wall. I flipped and landed on someone's lawn, got taken to hospital by ambulance, nothing broken just bruised back. I got a cab ride back to the bike, it was on kick stand no damage and it started right up. Then replace some of the stones in the wall. As I drove it home the handle bars tweeked a bit. Great Bike after I get done icing down I'll straighten out the front end
  2. I have gone 120 miles on a tank, the lowest is 95 so far. I am new to the bike approx 3500 miles on it. Have lost a few bolts from the heat shields and snapped a clutch cable a few weeks ago.
  3. I just got The SM610 about a month ago, great bike. I have been away from the cycle world for a long time and just getting used to bike. It's quick, nimble, low maintenance, and it turns heads all day long.