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  1. just got my hands on a 89 husqvarna wr250 with stator issues,it has no spark,i need a used flywheel and stator,plus it would be great to get a graphic kit for it,if any one knows where i can find those parts i would be very grateful. this is worthless without pics so.. p.s:sorry if i have any grammer or spelling mistakes,i aint from around here.
  2. Elib

    identifying a bike

    The corrcet frame number: JH2JE0101GC702066
  3. Elib

    identifying a bike

    i just found out the two missing digits and its a 86 for sure,but how can i find the engine size?
  4. Elib

    identifying a bike

    im pretty sure its a 86,i just dont know what cr it is..
  5. Elib

    identifying a bike

    i dont have a camera it looks like a 86-85 but what bike is it?125 250 500? are those all the same frames in those years?
  6. Elib

    identifying a bike

    hi, i got a free honda 2 stroke minus a motor the owner knows notihng about it,it has a rear drum brake and huge rear sprocket. the frame number is je0101gc7020660,any ideas about what bike is it?
  7. Hi, what frames will fit a WR450 engine? will it fit into the wr400/426 frame? what about the wr250 frames? and the yzf frames? thanks.
  8. ok thanks,any pics of that bike from the side?
  9. hi, can one fit newer plastics on the 89 wr250 or is the frame diffrent? thanks
  10. Elib

    What year is this RM?

    any one knows what year is this RM? the guy thats selling it says its a 1990,i say it looks more like 87-8 how can i be sure what year is this bike via frame numbers?
  11. Elib

    94 Wr360 parts?

    Thanks yeh i saw there site,are there any after market graphics for the wr360?
  12. Elib

    94 Wr360 parts?

    Hi, i just traded my 99 Honda cr125(non running)for a running 94 wr360,i need new plastics/graphic kit/and chain+sprockets,where can i get those? noting on ebay
  13. Elib

    86-89 Ts250 info?

    well.. there is.. www.bikepics.com/suzuki/ts250
  14. Elib

    86-89 Ts250 info?

    Hi,do any one has info about the 86 thru 89 ts250? bhp,handeling and such.. thanks
  15. So how hard is it going to be to fit the bottom end into the frame? arent the 03 has the same JEO01 cases like the 99?