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  1. ktmwade

    Post pics of your CR's

    make that 2! I would love to find one for my 01 as well. George, you want to do some traveling once Lynda has the baby and I can get away?
  2. ktmwade

    ID this CR please

    My 97 ran better with its carb settings, revved to the moon. My 01's with Mikunis didn't run as clean...but with a PWK it is no contest, the 01 runs stronger by quite a bit.
  3. that is a symtom of a worn top end or could also be worn reeds, could be a dirty carb with bad coke or clogged pilot. Could be any number of things, if they arent even goign to keep fresh gas in the thing to sell it, you can damn sure bet they havent done a thing to maintain it. I wouldnt buy it as it sits
  4. ktmwade

    2002-2007 Lighting stator

    YES! I would be very interested. Wanting to adapt over my HID to my CR before I go to CO this summer with a lighting setup and lightweight battery.
  5. ktmwade

    2002-2007 Lighting stator

    anything for the 01 CR's?
  6. About a year ago a member was converting stators on the CR's, had his email addy, never got much response from him. Really want to find an Eline unit or if anybody knows anybody who still does conversions on the CR's, could you post up the info?
  7. ktmwade

    Cr250 that feels like an open class bike

    Well, that might be a stretch, although the 150SX is maing 38 hp pretty easily...but it is all up top. A crisp 87 CR250 doesnt give up much anything to any modern 250, but yes there are a bunch of 38-40hp 250's from those early 80's era bikes before the mfrs all figured out powed valve efficiency. The power valve is the clincher for all of these bikes. Eric can give you what you are looking for with that case reed CR
  8. ktmwade

    Cr250 that feels like an open class bike

    Give Eric a call...I remember when I purchased that 02 from a local pro up north and first rode it I knew it was something out of the oridnary. I called Eric and he knew the bike well. It was fast, very fast. Larry Roseler rode it at Dirt Week and told me I was an idiot if I tried to ride it anywhere other than the dezert or big national MX tracks it was designed for. it truly did have open bike power with handling of a 250 (crank inertia being the key here, or lack of it compared to typical open bike). As it turns out, power aside, it was still a case reed CR and responded well to the keihin carb versus the confused Mikuni. I kept it for a couple of years, took it for second or spare bike when guys needed a bike and eventually sold it...I was faster on a lesser hp bike. back then I was stil racing regularly in the A and A Vet classes but just not talented enough to make full use of the big power. Only 250 I have owned that would pull 3rd and 4th gear everywhere a course would take us, just like its big brother CR500
  9. ktmwade

    Cr250 that feels like an open class bike

    With age comes patience...any more I just sit back and smile and let folks say what they need to.
  10. ktmwade

    Cr250 that feels like an open class bike

    I've owned a bunch of CR250's and several big bore KTM's 2 and four stroke including a KTM540 factory engine bike from Dicks (woudl pull clear up to 110mph without missing a beat), the fastest being a 91 MX500 which was brutally fast, as was my KTM495 but nowhere near as fast as the 500MX or the Factory 540. Now with the 495, it wasnt any faster down low than a crisp KTM300 and mid range was not as strong, then it would take a breath and make a ton of power all of a sudden, but not really all that fast compared to modern 250's. The 91 was a monster, made every CR500 I ever rode feel tame. There is no other open bike I have ridden that could match it or any 250 that could be as strong as that 500MX was right off the bottom. That said, I had an 02 CR265 ported by Gorr that had a nat MX porting, versus his usual Mo-Betta porting. 57hp rocketship and the only 250 I have ever owned that pulled like an open bike. It could pull 3rd gear from a standstill and growl into this fury of wheelspin while launching everything forward at a very fast rate of speed and then launch into this crazy fast topend pull. My 2011 KTM250SX cant touch it, all of my other 250 and 300's dont run near as hard...pretty sure it would give up nothing to a stock CR500, yes even down low.
  11. ktmwade

    Converting 01 CR250

    completely interchangeable, but dont expect the 98 to run as well as the 01 (unless the 01 was running ratty). The 98 ran good, but not as well as the 96,97 or 01. 99 was a torque monster, almost felt like an open bike
  12. I owned an 83, 85 and 86...the clutch cover between those 3 years was interchangeable for sure. In 87 the bike saw some changes, so 87 may not fit
  13. Is it bogging or starving for fuel? If it is a case of say overly rich pilot and air screw settings, you shold see a fair amount of spooge (which stating that choking the bike made no difference leads me to believe you have a problem in the carb). A plugged pilot will give you a bog feel, but is actually leaning out due to lack of fuel from the clogged pilot. Activating the choke should have made a difference in that case. Floats that are too high can cause some issues with flooding but it has to be so bad that you usually see fuel puking out the overflow. Start simple, look for reasons for the carb to be getting starved for fuel. Petcock, clogged jet or needle and seat on the floats, make sure the tank is venting properly. After that, maybe your buddy will let you try his carb for comparison sake. If the problem persists, I would look to the power valve stuck or sticking. Had a 04 KTM250 EXC that did exactly this...felt like the worlds fastest 125. No bottom at all, had to clutch the heck out of it, wouldnt hardly run down low and then hit like a train with all sorts of top end. It was a simple power vavle issue
  14. ktmwade

    Was this a good buy?

    The guy didnt even know what bike he was selling? somebody is missing a 380 I am betting