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  1. I purchased a subscription a few months ago and got my first issue in the summer. I was sent the Spring issue (#17), the issue that is advertised on their website in Nov. 09. What happened to the Summer and Winter issue that I PAID for in advance via my subscription? Is SMR just a Rip Off? DaNewbie
  2. I ordered the E-bay thermoswitch and was not impressed with what I received. I asked for specific clarification that I would receive an 85-degree switch. The switch I received from E-bay came with a POS stamped O-ring and the switch is stamped 88-ON. Do not use the E-bay o-ring. With the 88-deg switch the KTM 690SMC fan turns ON at 8-bars although, I feel ripped off. Ahhh… just another E-Bay customer! For laughs I un-earthed my ATV out of the mountain of crap in the outside garage. There I found the answer to my reason for starting this thread. Green – 88-deg ON : LTZ400 Blue – 102-deg ON : 690SMC Red – 88-deg ON : “The Ebay Switch” Stop getting ripped off by E-Bay and get a thermoswitch for a Suzuki LTZ400. The Suzuki LTZ400 is a Kawasaki KFX-400 is an Arctic Cat DVX-400. Suzuki makes it and sells it to Kawasaki and Arctic cat, It is a very good 400cc Sport ATV. The Green switch in the picture is from my 2006 Suzuki LTZ-400. You should be able to get it from any Suzuki, Kawasaki or Arctic Cat dealer for $40-US. Use the KTM o-ring with it. Down with E-bay… DaNewbie
  3. The KTM 690 runs hot! I need for this to stay a focused thread about where to get a 85/80 thermoswitch in the US? Every thumper forum has a topic started on this subject although, no US source is listed to purchase the component. The bike is running as it was designed... HOT! There is nothing wrong with the cooling system, let's get that straight. It is designed to run hot with the stock exhaust (catalytic converter) to keep the emissions levels low. A blistering hot catalytic converter ensures all the fuel is consumed. I no longer use the stock exhaust as it melted anything that got near it. There is a youtube video of a guy cooking an egg and pancake on the stock 690 exhaust. Normal? KTM thinks so... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiWjoXP01YQ ****************************************** Some facts about the 690 radiator fan thermoswitch: It is not a 14-mm thread. Use a 24-mm wrench to screw it into the 690's radiator. The switch in the 690 is manufactured by Nippon Thermostat Corporation Limited (NTCL) of Japan. http://bayimg.com/iaaOhaaCE The stock switch turns on only once the coolant temperature has reached 102-degrees Celsius. Who know what the oil temperature is at that point... breaking down... The manual states normal operating temperature is 4-11 Bars as indicated on the gauge cluster. The stock switch activates the radiator fan at 11-Bars (102-degrees). The manual states 12-bars equals Overheating. No room for warning of a problem! There are a few round-about ways to get a lower temperature switch: Ebay: The switch offered through E-bay turns on at 88-degrees Celsius. Cost = $60. KTM West (Germany): They have the switch I want to find via a US source. It is the fabled 85/80 switch. Cost = $60 shipped. Does anyone have a KTM part number or a US source for the 85/80 thermoswitch to fit the 690 radiator???????? Stock Switch Pics: http://bayimg.com/IaaOkaAcE http://bayimg.com/iaAoLAaCe
  4. DaNewbie

    Exhaust Slider Options.

    Hi Ladies and Gents, I'm going to lay the bike down soon. The 690 SMC and Murphy are going to confirm the date any time now. The bike is stupid amounts of fun! What is the best slider I can get for my Wings exhaust?? There has to be something better than a hose clamp and piece of hose. Is there?? DaNewbie
  5. DaNewbie

    moving to houston?

    I too am moving to Houston and I will arrive next weekend. What parts of the city should I avoid while finalizing an apartment? I went to New Orleans once and I was told I stayed in the best part of the city. I don't think there was a best part to that place! The last thing I want is those refugees as neighbors. I'm considering housing near the medical center or out by Sugar land. Thanks guys! DaNewb Connecticut