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  1. where do you find these "webcams"?
  2. is the light output better than stock? is there a high/low beam?
  3. I have new galfer lines still in the packaging and the numbers are: Front- FK003D539F Rear- FK003D539R Both say DRZ 400 S-M 2006 Hope that helps!
  4. I did search before asking. I didn't find anything right off the bat. It took at least 1/2 hour of searching (again) after being told to use the search function, to find something relative. (which was robotmachine's)(thanks william) I still was not able to get pics, as the posts must have been too old and didn't work for me. Nor did I find very many different brands (acutally found no names of brands)or places to get. I have been on this site for a while,(yes I only have 68 posts or whatever, but have been on here for a long time) I've asked a question, never really got an answer or was directed to the search function which didn't help either. I've also found that sometimes when I posted something, it starts out ok and then gets turned into something totally off topic and in the end, didn't really answer the question. Not to say that all my posts have given poor or no results. I have recieved some helpful info from good members like burned, willam and neil claydon, to name a few. My two cents anyways...
  5. HID Kits- Anyone installed one? What's a good brand? Where to buy? Any installation tips/pics? Thinking of upgrading my SM for better night driving capabilities.
  6. I'm trying to find places that sell stainless steel brake lines for my '05 DRZ 400 SM. It seems they are rare to find. Anyone bought some for theirs and are happy with the product? Where bought from?
  7. Do any of these parts places use paypal? I find that very convenient.
  8. Here's renthal measurement chart: http://www.renthal.com/fbmaster.asp
  9. I shopped around here and the cheapest battery I could get was an OEM battery. Was considerably less as I recall.
  10. Can someone please post me the numbers on their stock Renthal fatbars from and '07 or '08? Should be a 605 or 604 number. Thanks!
  11. Can someone post the numbers off their stock fatbars please? Should be like a 605 or 604 number or something like that
  12. I'd like to install stock '07 or '08 fatbars onto my '05 SM. Can't seem to figure out what bend they are. I know they're renthal and all, just there is so many different bends. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks! It did help a bit as to where to locate the new coil. just need to know how everything else goes. Going to send an email to the company. the site is 90% japanese... I hope they can understand my email....
  14. Not sure where everything goes, what plugs go where, etc. as i did not recieve model specific instructions for it. Anyone installed one and know where the stuff goes? The sticker says As Uotani SP2 Advanced Spark System for Drz s model
  15. any ideas on $? Do I send my head to him or eddie, or do it myself?