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  1. tpunzy

    conversion chart ??

    a very handy site http://www.convert-me.com/en/
  2. tpunzy

    wxc 350 help

    awsome thanks for the help guys
  3. tpunzy

    wxc 350 help

    I will have to do some digging to see if they are the same, Thanks.
  4. tpunzy

    wxc 350 help

    I went to adjust the valves and check the timing on my hard to start 350. When I pulled out the service manual cd, it is cracked and will not read Does anyone happen to have the valve specs handy? please
  5. tpunzy

    good IMS tank info

    I have heard of this being done with boiling water and a tire valve stem added to a spare tank cap. You add the hot water and pressurize the tank. I do not remember the specifics, but it might be a good idea to have the tank mounted on the bike to keep all mounts aligned.
  6. tpunzy

    Oil for bike/car?

    Bikes with wet clutches do not like the various oil additive packages that cars use. Most modern cars use friction modifiers. Run though bob the oil guy's site, even ask ques if need be. http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/
  7. I hope it starts the first pull:eek: Sounds like the recoil spring is broke or out of position. Don't they have e-start?
  8. tpunzy

    Signals blink too fast

    the k&s flasher is a direct replacement for 2 prong (pretty common) flasher on a "95" dr350se. I would hate to say all...................but most 2 prong flashers I have run across use the same conection.
  9. I love it everyone hates dealerships refuses to pay freight and set up and thinks everything should be thrown in for free. But some how new bikes are alway sold and people get picked on for not buying the latest and greatest. Do people think the the machines get shipped to the dealerships for free? do they just show up outta no where becuase so and so wants a new bike???? Instead of charging a set up fee maybe the machines should be sold in the crates with no liability held against the dealership or manufactor?? perhaps the same people that think a proper compresion test (it didn't blow my finger off the spark plug hole) or what power band should I run????? or a tight chain is correct????? I have been rejetting my bike for weeks now and it still wont run right............(insert favorite "why it wont work here______" should be assembling machines that can do highway speeds on a varied terrain I work at a dealership and have seen some of the stuff die hard dirt bikers bring in.........................it is scary, then a again I know those that ice race their mx bike and they realize you have to rejet when there is a 80+ degree change in temp(surprising how many people dont get this:banghead: ). Go to your local steak house, tell them you can get a steak for half price from a grocery store, you want them to cook it to your liking, throw in some potatoes and a drink for the the same price as the the grocery store sold the steak for and then threaten to bitch about it on the internet if they slightly over cooked it:bonk:
  10. tpunzy

    Where to buy a smaller tail light

    They are standard bulbs, that tail section with the rally guards with the directionals, is not enough to trip the stock flasher. I have the part # for the flasher I used in this thread (currently the last post of the thread). http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=477378
  11. tpunzy

    Where to buy a smaller tail light

    This is the taillight/blinkers I went with. Drill 3 holes to match the stock mounts (dr350se) make the wire connections and done.
  12. tpunzy

    Acerbis dual sport handguards- turn signals HELP!

    I just went through this a week ago on my dr350, same handgaurds as you with a ufo tail light/directionals. The flasher is in the parts unlimited on road catalog part, #2020-0063 it is a K&S s705 electric flasher relay. Retail cost is around $10.
  13. tpunzy

    Bloody Woman!

    good to hear
  14. tpunzy

    Bloody Woman!

    hopefully the metal bits of the pen didn't damage the valves and valve seats as they exited the engine.
  15. I have a friend who parted one out and still has the tank. Pm me and I can get you in contact with him.