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  1. I have the same carb for my 05 SM. What kind of mods did you have to do to get it to fit?
  2. Thanks Guys!!
  3. I had the same skid plate. I had to cut the head off the one bolt to get it off.
  4. Just wondering if the TT store has the EMN needle for the fcr conversion. How do you get ahold of them from canada? The 1-800 number doesn't work here.
  5. I have the moose pegs. Nice and wide and very cheap!!
  6. I've ridden a 510 and a 650 husie, tone of power and very light. problem is that there are very few aftermarket parts, and reliability is not the greatest. Parts are hard to come by and very expensive.
  7. We've just sold 4 of them in the last week or so. Just got an extra $300.00 rebate form Suzuki on them. I think the price was a little high on them, thus the lower number of sales. At this price now, we're buying them from other dealers.
  8. The air flow was another issue I had. Does it allow enough air to the rad?
  9. Which are the best rad guards to get for on and off road use?? Unabiker or Flatland or something else?? Any overheating issues with either??