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  1. GPS Dual Sport

    2019 Yamaha WR250F?

    Noticed that too. Nothing on the company website showing any 2019 WR-F. The new YZ450FX has arrived so I would expect the new WR450F for 2019 to show up too. But nothing so far. Going by past history when the YZ gets a new engine the WR gets updated the next model year. I hope there will be a updated WR250F for 2020. The other possibility is Yamaha got blindsided by Honda's CRF450L dual sport and reshuffled development schedules to respond with their 'me too' dual sport. Could the WR delay be caused by emission testing for EPA and Euro 4 compliance? When the WR-F does reappear it will be street legal? This is wild guessing and has no facts backing this statement.
  2. Clean looking mod! Got some questions about how this works on the WR. The WR wiring harness has more wires and an extra relays for the headlight and cooling fan compared the to FX harness. So the first question have you tried this on a WR yet? Looking at the photos it appears you have rerouted the heavy gauge cable running to the starter motor. So question 2 is have you relocated the starter relay along with the battery with this mod? I would be willing to pull this trigger on your ebay kit but my WR has even more wiring that stock because of the dual sport kit. So I'm worried about creating a rat's nest of wiring relocating everything under the seat. Great looking design for the battery box and cover.
  3. GPS Dual Sport

    2017 Wr250f

    I was wondering about gearing choices for single track use. Spent some time reading the comments in this thread I wanted to add this bit of math homework. Stock countershaft is 13 tooth and stock rear sprocket is 50 tooth. Dropping one tooth on countershaft is a 8.3% drop in top speed. Increasing 2 teeth on rear sprocket is a 4.0% drop in top speed. The smaller countershaft is a quick and easy change to make. But that is a big ratio change. Two more teeth on the rear sprocket is smaller ratio change but requires more work with the sprocket bolts of course. Then there is the question is the stock chain long enough for the 52 tooth sprocket. Is anyone running 13/52?
  4. GPS Dual Sport

    Horses for Courses. WR250F 3rd Gen 2015 - 2017

    As a 2017 WR250F owner I would recommend a 52T rear sprocket for single track use. Stock gearing is a bit too tall for first gear rock crawling for me. Doing the math 2 teeth larger in the rear sprocket is a 4% gearing change. Yes I can confirm the throttle is abrupt just off idle. You can adapt to it or make a mapping change to run richer at low RPM and low Throttle opening.
  5. GPS Dual Sport

    2015-2017 WR250FX & WR250F Line?

    The WR also has the cooling fan installed from the factory. The FX has a cooling fan option that will bolt on and plug into the existing wire harness.
  6. GPS Dual Sport

    2015 WR250F ignition key

    Basmn, I have added you to a PM between Shleeven and me on this topic. You might find it helpful.
  7. GPS Dual Sport

    2015 WR250F ignition key

    Some background info about my BD kit used on my 2015 WR. The instructions in the kit were for the 5 valve WR450. The 5 valve head WR 250 and 450 had a main power switch. Press the main power button and ODO would light up and the starter will fire the bike up. I bought a 2017 WR250 in January and went back to Baja Designs and asked if there were any changes for their dual sport kit. The guy I spoke too told me their kit fitted all the WR models including the old 5 valve bikes. This was a deal breaker for me with all the modification I had to make to their kit for my 2015 WR. YZEct. I'm glad your BD kit has worked fine on your 2016 WR. Talking with Baja Designs I got the impression there has been no updates on their kit since I bought my last one. So I went shopping elsewhere. I bought a Tusk dual sport kit from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. It was cheaper and the headlight HI/LO beam switch was made to powered by the WR headlight 12 VDC wire. The only harness modification needed was to connect ECU to the key switch. The items lacking on the Tusk kit was the Key switch, High Beam indicator LED and mounting tabs for the front turn signals. Even with the extra cost of the Key switch the Tusk kit was less than BD.
  8. GPS Dual Sport

    2015 WR250F ignition key

    The kill button works same as OEM. Press and the engine dies. Press and hold for 3 seconds and the main power relay shuts off and the ODO goes blank. This nifty trick to get the kill button to perform different tasks depending on how long you press the button is done by sensing the current flow in the kill button circuit. Do not connect the BD kit to the kill button connector like the instructions say. The kill button attaches directly to the ECU and is a current draw on the battery when pushed. The BD dual sport kit key switch 'presses' the kill button in the off position. This will drain the battery is a couple of days and the bike won't start. The fine folks at BD don't have a clue their dual sport kit causes this problem or they are too lazy to address this issue. I called in Baja Designs about this problem and the guy I spoke too denied there was any problem with their kit. With all the wiring modifications I've done the key switch does this: Key off, nothing happens when you press the starter button. Key on, power is applied to the BD wire harness. Tail light comes on. The horn, turn signals and brake light works when you flip switches. The ODO stay off until you press the starter button. Head light does not work until the engine is running. With the bike running turning the key to the off position shuts off the 12 VDC to the ECU. The engine shuts off and the ODO goes blank.
  9. GPS Dual Sport

    2015 WR250F ignition key

    That's almost correct. I created the problem by connecting the 12 VDC supply for the ECU to the BD wire harness. The goal was to have the BD key switch shut the bike off. No key - No start. That part worked OK until I switched from low beam to high beam and the engine died. To solve the engine dying problem the headlight got rewired following the instructions in the previous post. This put the ECU, turn signals, horn, tail light and brake light on the BD wiring harness all using the single fuse in the BD harness.. The headlight is on the WR wiring harness and the WR headlight fuse feeding the BD Hi/Lo beam switch. This solves the engine dying problem when switching for Lo to High beam. And the key switch controls power to the ECU. Key off = engine off.
  10. GPS Dual Sport

    What do you dirtbikers do for a living??

    Recently retired mechanical engineer that specialized in test engineering and product development. That's a fancy way of saying I broke things for a living. The fun part was finding new ways to break stuff. The bad part was writing the report explaining how badly the stuff broke. The really bad part was getting blamed for doing my job 'too well'. Design engineers take it personally when there designs have epic fails and they feel need to shoot the messenger. This type of work covers a whole bunch of industries. I started as a test technician after a 4 years in the Air Force fixing airplanes. Then worked in a bunch of different jobs. Worked in industrial hydraulics while taking college classes at night, dropped out of college to take a job as a test rider for Honda R&D working on 3 wheelers, spent several years working in aerospace while finishing my engineering degree. After college I landed at Toyota's R&D center in California doing vehicle development of over 9 years. Spent 4 years working outside of engineering before I got a test engineering job at Yamaha's US headquarters in Cypress California. I was the only guy in the testing lab confirming durability on the bolt on accessories for Yamaha motorcycles, ATV's and UTV's. Retired from Yamaha just over a year ago. Rode my dual sport bike over 3000 miles last year. Retirement is good! Looking back on it all don't have many regrets. Going back to college for my engineering degree was the best thing I did for my career. College was also the most difficult accomplishment. Working part time while to pay the bills while carrying a full time class load is hard work. Life is much better if you enjoy your work.
  11. GPS Dual Sport

    2015 WR250F ignition key

    My solution was to dig into the BD wiring on the left handlebar switch. Found the 12VDC wire feeding the HI/LO Beam switch. Also found this wire was was connected to another wire that went back into the BD wire harness. Now things get complicated. Traced these two wires back in the main BD harness past the left handlebar switch connector. Cut these two wire outs of the handlebar switch connector on the main harness side and soldered them together. This is necessary so the BD kit still powers up with the key switch. Now you have to apply 12 VDC to the wire feeding the HI/LO Beam switch. Now working on the Yamaha wiring harness pull the 12 VDC wire feeding the connector attached to headlight bulb. Cut this wire and connect it to the cut wire feeding the BD HI/LO Beam Switch. Now the WR harness supplies 12 VDC to the BD HI/LO Beam switch. More BD harness cutting. Working on the BD headlight bulb connector cut off the High and Low beam wires. The BD high beam wire connects to the cut wire on the WR headlight connector. There is a empty hole on the WR light bulb connector. You will need OEM terminal lug from another Yamaha headlight connector, solder that on the BD low beam wire and stuff into the WR light bulb connector. You have to be able to trace wires, cut solder and heat shrink new connections plus have a proper headlight terminal from another wire harness. This rewiring job connects the WR headlight relay to the BD HI/LO Beam switch. The headlight fuse is now in the WR wire harness. When the engine stops running the headlight turns off. You can leave the key switch on and not drain the battery. This is a nice benefit to all this work. On the down side you now have hard wired your WR wire harness into the BD main harness. Please don't ask for photos on the wiring rework. I sold my 2015 WR250F a couple of months ago.
  12. GPS Dual Sport

    Unknown electrical connector

    That is the OEM tail light connector. Your OEM tail light was removed when the dual sport kit was installed.
  13. GPS Dual Sport

    Foot Peg Bolt Head stripped and stuck!

    Those bolts are a problem to remove for sure. It takes quite a bit of heat to loosen the thread lock compound. An electric heat gun can't get that large chunk of aluminum frame warm enough to soften the thread locking stuff. Must use a propane torch to get the proper amount of heat into the frame area around the bolts. This job is easier if you remove the swing arm. It gives you room to work the torch. I have aimed the torch at the back side of the frame and held it there for a couple of minutes. Be sure to remove that lower chain roller so it doesn't melt. When the thread locker gets warm enough you can feel the bolt give slightly. Even there it still takes some torque to remove the bolt. That locking stuff is super sticky even when warm.
  14. GPS Dual Sport

    WR250F Competition Kit

    Not correct BazookaJoe. The magazine you misquoted swapped the YZ ECU for the stock WR unit. The headlight not working was only one of several problems this swap caused. This bike wound up back at Yamaha in Cypress for troubleshooting when is wouldn't run above idle anymore. I know this is true since I worked in the shop at Yamaha that preps the bikes for media use. The FX ECU is what Yamaha sells with the WR Comp Kit. The reason the YZ ECU was attempted by the magazine was no spare FX ECU's were in the US at the WR introduction.
  15. GPS Dual Sport

    WR250F Competition Kit

    The ECU in the comp kit is the same as the YZ250FX. This ECU is not the same as the 2015 YZ250F.