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  1. I bought the CD manual for my bike ($38 CycleHutt). It shows the case split in order to replace the shift shaft. I was able to use a small screwdriver and file to clear out the valleys between the splines. I think there is enough splines to hold a new gear shift lever. Cheers.
  2. Hello... I'm new to the KTM forum. After riding my 93 DR 650 till she departed I recently bought a 1998 400 RXC (LC4). Soon after the purchase the gear shifter became loose, I pulled it off the shaft to find the shift shaft splines are all completely flattened, stripped and rounded. The gear shift lever itself is stripped out as well. I did some searches on here and found some older posts, one with the same year bike where he was quoted $550 to replace the shift shaft. Another stating you can replace it yourself but getting the shift seal in place is very difficult. I'm also not clear if you have to split the engine case or if removing the clutch plate will allow you to replace the shift shaft. (I also read about work arounds, jb weld, filing new grooves, etc.). Has anyone replaced a shift shaft? Any tips/advice. Thank you! Joe
  3. jbrabant

    how many miles can a DR650 expect to turn

    Check out my pics of my 93 dr 650 in the DR section. Subject is something like pics of broken timing chain. So that bike lasted to 29,139 on the odometer. I think I'll do a rebuild and see how much I can get of it.
  4. Hello, I saw someone previously posted pic of a broken timing chain in the DR 400 section, but I could not view it (even though I do have a Yahoo account). This link is to flikr and represents what I found yesterday after pulling my 1993 DR 650 head off. Sound like I have more damage than him. http://www.flickr.com/photos/8318355@N06/ The first shocker was that the timing sprocket was in many pieces, second was the timing chain was broken, third was the cam shaft mounting parts were blown apart. There appears to only be one bent valve that was not sealing. The piston and piston head seem fine. This is the furthest I've been into a bike and can use some advice. Lot's of posts about how long DRs last. This bike has 29,139 miles. I have two options: One, find a machine shop in the East Bay Area, CA to put in a new valve, then purchase a new timing sprocket, timing chain, camshaft, and gasket set. Second, would be to find a used head, timing sprocket, chain and camshaft and get the old girl up and running on the cheap. Any recommendations for a machine shop? Places to buy used parts in this area? Cheers, Joe
  5. jbrabant

    93 dr 650 axle speedo gear box

    Howdy! After doing my first front wheel tire change and trying to put the wheel back on the bike a dozen times after putting a new tube in it. I turned to this forum to find out why my wheel won't spin. From what I gather I messed up the speedo box and it is not spacing correctly. Ugh, a simple job putting the bike out of commision. Anyone know a place to pickup the speedo gear box thing and get my albatross back out on the trails (friends I ride with have named it the albatross - not good!). Thanks, Joe
  6. jbrabant

    Kick start problems!!!!

    I recently bought a 93 DR 650s and I am having similar cold starting problems. I too have had the carb cleaned, air filter, oil filter and little fuel filter. Thanks for the advice above for starting procedure, I will give it a try. I do have a question: Does the battery, dead or alive influence the ability to start the bike? I kinda thought it wouldn't, but with how hard it is I'm thinking of buying a new battery or trying one of the battery plug in charger units. Currently the battery on the bike is completely dead (when I turn the key to 'on' position the neutral light does not come on), when I finally get the bike started the neutral light, headlight, tail light all come to life. Thanks! Joe