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  1. jackdrz

    DRZ400S Flywheel Weight?

    Thanks cataway, I think the problem has been the more I researched, the more I found, some of it conflicting. In the end, thanks to everyone's help I have the right answer. Sadly, I am dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to DRZ's, I have had this machine some 4 years and only done 1800 kilometres on it. Now making a project out of it!! Now if it was a BMW, different deal!
  2. jackdrz

    DRZ400S Flywheel Weight?

    Thanks Bronco78 & Eddie for clearing that up, will now search for LTZ flywheel. My reasoning for doing this is to make the machine more rideable at lower revs, the flywheel combined with the fact that I have a BSR carb (fitting jet kit) a staintune exhaust (with custom stealth baffle) and lower gearing will mean trials type performance, at low speed. Like lots of single track, loaded with side boxes and gear etc, but the ability to get along the road OK, with good fuel economy. IF I want riding performance to the max, I just haul my BMW HP2 out of the shed......
  3. jackdrz

    DRZ400S Flywheel Weight?

    Mmmm.....I am confused! I spend the last 4 hours grovelling around cyberspace and find many different answers! Including a statement about 50 screens ago that Suzuki have a habit of using same physical parts but using different part numbers, depending on what model bike/quad they are used on? Did find a post somewhere that said a Kawa KFX400 had a heavier flywheel? So far I have found nothing, to contradict that last statement? A past post by Eddie, reveals the LTZ/DRZ are the same...he should know.....he has had more DRZs apart, than I have had hot dinners.... Eddie Sisneros reveals they are the same 07-06-2006, 03:31 PM the LTZ and DRZ use the indentical stock flwheel.
  4. jackdrz

    DRZ400S Flywheel Weight?

    Info that I found was....ltz400 flywheel was 8 oz LIGHTER than DRZ? Trailtech have an even lighter one? Maybe there is conflicting info out in cyberDRZ land...
  5. jackdrz

    DRZ400S Flywheel Weight?

    Top speed? about 120KMH, my gearing to have lower RPMs where possible, there will be 2 rear sprockets on the bike, a 35 tooth & a 50 tooth. One for road, the other for bush etc. I am now working out my mounting method for the sprockets. I chose DRZ400 for lighter weight......IF I lay it on its side, I want to be able to pick it up. Has 28 litre tank fitted.
  6. jackdrz

    DRZ400S Flywheel Weight?

    OK, I am looking to INCREASE the weight of the stock '05 DRZ400S flywheel. Is there and aftermarket flywheel available? or bolt on weights? A rather long search has only shown up lighter flywheels, than stock. I am building an 'expedition' bike that I want to run smoother at low revs and not stall out as easily. Speed and super fast throttle response are not what I need.
  7. Have ordered the JDS005 kit from the TT store and also want to mod the air box BUT, I need to have the air intake as high as possible. So, IF I do the 3x3 I don't want to drown the motor in serious water crossings. I need an alternative mod, snorkel? This machine is being built as a serious 'expedition' bike. I also have to consider other waterproofing mods, too.
  8. jackdrz

    Low Pressure Fuel Pump???

    Thanks! I called the Australian agent to buy the single outlet model A$55 cost, I asked a couple of questions etc, no tech advice/info:banghead: So, I said OK, I will buy and test, he said oh we are closing for Christmas today, reopen Jan 14th 2010....ring back and order then... Pi$$es me off that people who sell products don't know much about them, next they did answer the phone, so how hard was it to take my order/CC number, chuck it in the Post and send it? He said they had stock..... They don't deserve to be in business..........
  9. jackdrz

    Low Pressure Fuel Pump???

    Thanks everyone, will check out the pulse pump and see what else may work, have a Merry Christmas:ride:
  10. jackdrz

    Low Pressure Fuel Pump???

    I am building my DRZ as an 'expedition' bike and fitted a 28l Safari tank, problem is that the bike starves for fuel when it gets low, because the fuel tap is very close to carby bowl level. Anyone know of a low pressure pump I could fit, to solve the problem? Could also help to refuel another rider's bike, on the trail, with a tap and spare piece of hose.
  11. jackdrz

    DRZ Accessories in Oz?

    Looking for a good DRZ vendor source in Oz for some bits, to fit my '06 DRZ 400S. Need pannier frames (that will take Pelican boxes) a comfort seat, MCCT, suspension bits, case savers, foot pegs etc. Open to any ideas/names etc.
  12. jackdrz

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I tried out my new fuel tank! http://www.lprs.com.au/bikes/drz_tct.jpg
  13. jackdrz

    Rekluse Z-Start Clutch install confusion??

    The final instalment of my kit saga finished yesterday. After I complained to my bike shop about the lack of clutch override, confusing version of kit/instructions etc. It seems the bike shop complained to the importer (Sutto's here in AU) but heard nothing back from them. THEN, a parcel turned up in the mail at the bike shop, it was a perch adjuster kit......with fitting instructions. The bike shop got no phone calls, nothing to explain what was going on. Also, I got NO replies on my enquiry email to Rekluse (first one, 5 days ago), I sent it twice, with a reply receipt the second time and it was read by them......36 hours and still no reply from them. So.......that is not very good product support I still think I was sold an old version kit that cost me the latest price (US$625), based on what the WEB site says. I sort of feel a bit ripped off Might just put the whole kit on E-Bay, cop the loss and forget it. Anyway, what they don't know is.....my DRZ is a 'test bike' for a possible business venture.....like another 5-6 DRZ's? I would like to have outfitted them all with the clutch kit......but I don't think I will bother with the idea now. just need to order all the other goodies, and continue the build up, and get on with my testing
  14. jackdrz

    Rekluse Z-Start Clutch install confusion??

    Its got 36 ball grooves in the main alloy plate. My instructions are rather different to the latest version on the Rekluse WEB site.
  15. jackdrz

    who are you.. and what do you do..

    Jack, a 54 year old, married 20 years etc. run my own business (19 years)doing distribution/engineering/consultancy in low power RF wireless devices, associated with telemetry & SCADA systems. Also have small farm where I am starting a camel breeding enterprise. Wife & I like to tour around on our R1150GS. Did a trip in South Africa late last year on a hire bike, also have a BMW F650GS & HP2 1200. The DRZ is the latest addition, want to set it up for serious expedition riding, right now its a great farm bike