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  1. No doubt it's a GT or DT-80. Can you read the VIN?
  2. SVbadguy

    Flywheel puller part # for newer DR650s?

    That's DR650s as in plural, hence the little "S".
  3. SVbadguy

    Flywheel puller part # for newer DR650s?

    I can tell you 09930-33720 is not the correct tool for a 2004 model. Anybody know the Suzuki # of the tool I need. The '96 and '04 have the same flywheel, and the service manual for a '96 gives this part number. And this can't possibly be right, no way it fits older old and new ones. link The N and P models have a different flywheel than the later models. The 09930-33720 tool is for the N, P and earlier models.
  4. SVbadguy

    Your Thoughts On The Dr Gearbox??

    I think it's decent. Well except for the whole not staying in 2nd gear issue I now have. I just pulled out the motor today. What a pain the ass! It's easier to drop the motor out of my VFR750. Found out it weighs 104lbs. Tomorrow I'll open it up and see what needs replacing.
  5. SVbadguy

    DR650 rear caliper Question

    The caliper is unique to the DR650.
  6. SVbadguy

    Taking my 650 down the 1/4 mile.

    I've run mine in the 1/8 with stock gearing and 150/60 rear tire. 8.418@79.79mph 8.385@80.32mph 8.467@79.10mph 8.307@79.54mph 8.354@79.87mph 8.394@79.47mph I know mine would be real close to topping out in the 1/4. My GPS-measured top speed is 104mph.
  7. SVbadguy

    DR650 supermotard brakes?

    If the rear wheel comes off the ground, you have enough brakes. My DR's stock caliper and rotor plus stainless lines are enough. I'm a fast, expert racer- podium finisher on my SV650. Haven't raced the DR yet this year because the class I would run it in is always run together with a class I run on my SV. This coming weekend I'll be racing at the tightest track on the schedule and I'm going to race it in Unlimited Superbike, that's right against liter bikes. From top speed it only takes a second or less to haul it down to my turn in speed. They work so well that I can't back it in unless I ease up on the brakes, otherwise I'd come to stop before the turn.
  8. SVbadguy

    supermoto DR guys, what kickstand are you using?

    Didn't change a thing. Helps if your suspension is properly set up.
  9. SVbadguy

    Supermoto conversion

    See my page in my sig.
  10. SVbadguy

    dr650 high output stator?

    Any answer? I'd like to know too. I need a new one so I figured I might get a better one if it exists. Mine got destroyed when I tried to start it after repairing an oil leak in the cover. The starter gear spacer thing fell in during reassembly and I didn't know it. So much for racing it this weekend....
  11. SVbadguy

    1/4 Mile?

    4.5"x17" motard wheel with a Metzeler M3. Plenty of room.
  12. SVbadguy

    1/4 Mile?

    I did some 1/8 mile runs in October. The exact numbers are on my screwed up computer that I'm working to recover data from. But I think my runs were 8.3 seconds at 80mph. So if my bike stopped accelerating at 80mph and the 1/8, I would still cover the 1/4 in 13.9 seconds. True 1/4 would probably be close to 90mph and 13.7 seconds. Mines jetted, stock filter, modded airbox, Supertrapp exhaust, 150 rear tire and I think I had stock gearing that day. If the gearing wasn't stock it would've been +1 in the front. I weighed about 150lbs with gear.
  13. SVbadguy

    Clutch perch alternatives

    The stock piece is garbage. Sliding it across the bend in the bars broke it. I figure the cold made it brittle, because it's been on and off before with no problem. I'm looking for a two-piece alternative that has the mirror hole, I don't care about those that don't. I think a DRZ assembly will work #57500-29F00. Has anyone tried it or any others?
  14. SVbadguy

    speedo condensation

    Just remove it, pull out the light and leave it somewhere warm and dry for a while.
  15. SVbadguy

    I Refuse to Compromise - Tire Question

    For full-on street tires for stock rims the Bridgestone BT-45s are very good and they're relatively cheap. Racing at Summit Point my lap times were 1:36- :37s. But with 17s, Pirelli Supercorsa on the front, Metzeler M3 on the rear my lap times only dropped 3 more seconds. With Trailwings my lap times were 1:41 riding it normally, but 1:37 with my foot out. The Trailwings were really nice when I ran off turn 1 at VIR doing 100mph after my brake line exploded. I kept it up. For reference my lap times at Summit Point on an SV650 are in the 1:22-:23 range, usually good enough for top 5 in expert races. Also, the stock rotor and disc are more than capable of racing duty. Mine tops out at 103mph GPS indicated at Summit Point. I hit the brakes after the last brake marker and don't use them for very long at all. No serious braking effort is needed. At the Shenandoah course and VIR which require more braking, it's still not an issue.