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  1. change them tires
  2. 1. Avlnch 2. Jiggixxer 3. Mook 4. Jaycycle 5. mn519
  3. i got a 2006 le for $5699 canadian
  4. seems alot of people are having this problem of the dB being louder there they should be this is an awsome thing i saw at a local dealers, really impressive what do ya think its the "dB dawg" http://www.atvriders.com/atvnews/indydealerexpo2007videointerviews.html
  5. my packing in my 06 250f caught fire, when i shut off my bike all i could see was smoke pouring out of the exaust, then i had to pour a little water init when it was goin to put it out:prof:
  6. theres a power coater down here its in nova scotia he does a good job!
  7. i have decided to keep my 06 and just take it apart and put it back together with some after market parts, and i was wondering what i should change in the motor.. because i have rode this bike for the summer. any suggestions to what i should do while i have it apart would be apperciated
  8. here in Canada the 150s can race in the 85 class.
  9. i had factory conection for 3 years now and i have to say i love it! they are very resonable prices and they do an awsome job!
  10. i am writing a paper on the phiysics/math in motocross. why the angle in the jumps,speed and weight all have an effect. does anyone know where i can get some info??/
  11. i am writing a paper on the physics/math in motocross, like how the leave the ground and all the other stuff like that any one know where i can get some info...
  12. i was wondering if the Yz plastic will fit on the 07? thanks
  13. what are the ups and downs of using your clutch for shifting up or down? do you use your clutch? thanks for the info