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    track riding, fishing, doing mods on bike, travel to diffrent places to ride
  1. arrgh

    Ebay jet kit rip off

    If he told you what the jets were, You would just go out and order your own jets. The WB jet kit also has a modified AP diaphram and instructions for wire tying the pump cams together to help eliminate bog... The WB kit worked flawlessly for me, 2 out of 3 times I can start with 1 kick.
  2. arrgh

    Another Supermoto CRF150R

    Been thinking about goin SM with my 150r. I have a KTM 625 SM, The 150r would make a great little track bike. Def needs bigger front rotor with better calitpers front and rear and stiffer suspension. #142 looks Great! looks like its set up perfect! Great job!
  3. arrgh

    Flywheel Wheel Wieghts

    A pic would be great! I've never gone into the Fly Wheel case, Or, Have ever pulled a Fly Wheel. I use to work as an aircraft mechanic, Have the tools and could probably feel my way through without using a Service manual, Torque values might be handy... A service manual, Even handier If some creative kinda person has the ambition to do a Step By Step W/ Pics... and torque specs. That would be really great!
  4. arrgh

    In for the recall.

    Thats why I am in no hurry to get the cam done. I don't run in the high RPM range like people who use to ride 2 smokers. I am using the low and mid grunt that the 4 stroke offers... Occasionally touching the rev limiter. I will wait for my mechanics to get a few cam changes under their belt before I take it in for the recall... ...About the time I am in need of a valve adjustment.
  5. arrgh

    crf150r mixture screw

    My rubber washer stayed in the hole.
  6. arrgh

    Carb mod- Jetting & accellerator pump

    Hey there chills and Baron von beard, Sorry, Didn't mean to step on any toes, I didn't get this info from any of your posts. I have many different styles of motorcycles to work on. I just bought a dirt bike for the first time in 20 years and have never spent ANY time in the 450 forum... Too short to ride one. I got my info from White Brothers after buying and installing their $100 jet kit... My props go to them... They designed this kit with a team on a dyno, Not in a garage using a seat of the pants dyno, I don't care how many people you get involved, Without a dyno, Your only guessing. I thought I would help some brothers out with my insight from the kit on how to save a LOT of $$$ and get the same results. Not looking to be The AP mod king, The information is not my own. Thanks White Brothers... You are the AP mod kings.
  7. arrgh

    pipe dynos

    I wasn't able to read the markings on my WB leak jet with these old eyes, I could read the rest of the jets but the stamp wasn't clear on mine. Someone else posted the #45 leak Jet in another thread (I tried to find the thread, No luck), I used their number leak jet. Maybe someone else who has the WB jet kit can confirm the size... Sorry for the confusion.
  8. arrgh

    pipe dynos

    I would wait and get the leak jet. White brothers already did the R&D on their jet kit, Probably using a team of experts and a dyno... I would follow their lead. If they came up with this crazy complex seemingly backwards jetting procedure, Grinding off the nub on the AP diaphram, #130 Main? #45 leak jet, Adjust and safety wire the AP cams!!!... &%$#@!?! ... It wasn't designed by accident or guessing... These guys are good! The leak jet is used in conjunction with the AP diaphram mod, "The AP diaphram pumps fuel through the Leak jet" Starting, Idle, And, Initial punch at the beginning of the throttle are in responce to this jet, Then the pilot jet blends in with the leak jet towards the middle RPM's, Then the main jets start kicking in, all the way to redline. a very simplified explanation.
  9. arrgh

    pipe dynos

    If you do the AP diaphram mod (grind the nub), You should change the Leak jet also. The leak jet in the WB kit is a #45, (Stock leak Jet is a #60) Adjust the AP screw clockwise at WOT to close the gap and you should be happy. Safety wireing the AP cams may not be absolutely neccesary, Couldn't hurt.
  10. arrgh

    What is the best Jetting for crf150r

    I posted on an earlier thread on how to modify the stock AP diaphram to match the White Brothers version, Mathew911 can confirm this... Just grind the metal nub down on the center to almost totally flat and reinstall. Remove the AP cam cover on the right side (large black cover) Now, Turn the throttle WIDE OPEN and hold... Now turn the AP cam screw (The one with the spring) "clockwise" to close the gap and safety wire around the screw and Black plastic cam so there is no separation "at all" with throttle input, They must move together. Here its the more detailed thread...http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=454611 After I installed the WB kit correctly, I was using the base setting on the fuel screw at 1 1/2 turns out, I am now at 2 turns out and I really like it.
  11. arrgh

    Carb mod- Jetting & accellerator pump

    No pictures, After adjusting the AP cam screw to close the gap at "Wide open throttle" Safetywire the black cam and screw so they move together without separating. I adjusted the the AP cam screw so I could use the slot to run the safetywire and keep the wire in place, It will also keep the screw from turning.
  12. arrgh

    Aftermarket Handlebars

    I replaced my top clamp with a adjustable pit posse outlaw clamp and 1 1/8 tall risers with Pro taper mini high bar, works perfect. A top clamp for a $100, Its very well made. Sorry I don't have a better picture of the bars, The bike is an hour away.
  13. arrgh

    Roost graphics?

  14. arrgh

    CRF150RB forks and shock springs

    Manual says max~ 150 pounds
  15. arrgh


    I tried to look at your bike... My eyes kept wandering back to the blonde! Dayum! Congrats on the win!... Back to the blonde!