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  1. Mr Anderson

    OTG with Mirrored lenses?

    scotts makes an otg in the voltage and 87(or 89?)series. You have to buy the mirrored lenses separate form the goggles. Any of the voltage series lenses will fit the voltage otg frame and the same goes for the 87 series.
  2. Mr Anderson

    06 DR-Z400SM Dent Removal From Tank?

    Find someone that does "paintless dent removal". You can put the tool in the top of the gas tank and "push" the dent back out. You would have to ask someone who does this if they can get at the dent, they have all kinds of tools with special bends on them. I have used the tools to get door dings out of cars and have watched someone get a dent the size of a fist out. As long as the paint wasn't scratched during the initial dent you won't be able to tell it was there.
  3. Mr Anderson

    Zip-Ty vs Keintech

    I thought the general feeling was that all the aftermarket fuel screws were somewhat "richer". I have a kientech in the mikuni which is "richer" than the stock fuel screw(under close inspection you can see that the tip on the kientech has more of a radius than the original fuel screw). I am going from memory here...I thought eddie had said in a previous post that the zip ty might be damaging the fcrmx seat which would indicate the screw could be turned in to fully seat even though the shaft is shorter. That is why I asked if anyone had measured the thread depth in the carb. The shaft length wouldn't matter, only the quality of the tip would. From reading the posts this seemed to be overlooked(I might have missed something along the way). By the way I trust eddie's facts and most certainly his opinions. the mikuni has been jetted his way and the fcrmx will be too,
  4. Mr Anderson

    Zip-Ty vs Keintech

    just an observation... has anyone measured the the thread depth inside the carb? Just because the zip tie has a shorter shaft(no jokes), if the the thread depth in the card would allow it then the zip tie would be able to seat all the way down. The only difference in the fuel screws that would matter would be the different tolerances in the "tip" machinework.
  5. Mr Anderson

    Can't take it anymore (DRZ wobble)

    Try sitting closer to the gas tank and/or lean over a bit. I am 6'2 and if I am sitting up straight while going over 65mph the front end will wobble. It doesn't wobble at all if I lean over a bit, up into the mid 80's. I run the dunlop 606's front and rear, although I did balance the tires myself so I know they are correct. I also have had a 752 on the front and no problems with that either. By the way the bike is a 02 drzs, 3x3&dj,rs3 no cork, 14/44 or 14/48, other than that stock