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  1. Here is a list of BRC supporters: https://sharetrails.org/member-organizations-businesses/ And ORBA members: http://www.orba.biz/orba-members/ Kennedy
  2. Do you like red or white? I would save the $$$ on the 2017 and put it towards the correct springs. By the way I like red: Kennedy
  3. Couldn't agree more and it's nice that I drive right past him on my way to and from work. Kennedy
  4. Sweet bike, you'll love it. I bought my bike from Motoxgiant (Steve @ PlusOne Performance) and he setup the springs for my weight before I took delivery. I haven't touched the valving yet but it handles and rides great with just the springs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steve for your suspension work. Kennedy
  5. Nice, I'm just down the road from you in Tecumseh. I bought my 390 from Steve at plus one performance. Kennedy
  6. What part of Michigan are you from and where did you buy it? Just wondering if your name is referencing the Loch Erin in Onsted? Kennedy
  7. Hey Dances with trees, do you ride the trails or just back country? Wondering how the snow bikes handle on the trails. Thanks, Kennedy
  8. I definitely need to get up there more on the bike, most of my time riding up there was on a sled. Kennedy
  9. I need to find a job in Oregon. Not complaining about Michigan as we have about 3800 miles of trail system here but ours are very sandy and lots of whoops. Kennedy
  10. If you are talking about the pictures I posted, the shoulder guards come on the chest protector. I'm not sure if they still come with the bicep protectors but I took mine off and don't use them: https://zacspeed.com/product/exotec/ Here is a link to Rocky Mountain with the back pack/chest protector combo (For the price I would go with the Dakar and get the extra space if you ever needed it): https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/t/2326/Roost-Deflectors?b=Zac-Speed Kennedy
  11. I have the original Zac Speed sp3 with chest protector and like it but it is heavy when loaded down. It does have a great connection system that holds it tight so it doesn't move around on your body when riding, I think it also helps reduce the feeling of the weight. But, if you are looking to unload the weight from your body I think the fender bag is the way to go and the dirt bike gear stuff is very nice. Kennedy
  12. It's hit and miss with my kids also, don't push just go when he wants and don't when he doesn't. Sometimes my son is begging to go and when we get out he only rides for 10 minutes and then says he is done, so we put his bike up and go do something else. Kennedy
  13. Isn't it great to see your kids ride? My son and daughter on their xr50 @ 3 years old: They just turned 5 and can almost touch the ground now, I wish I would have found a smaller bike (pw50 or jr50) for them to start on as it gets sketchy running after them when they want to stop and not fall over. Kennedy
  14. Added a 3/4" rubber leg tip over the steering lock. Cost $1.47 and came with 3 spares. I think this is the least amount of $$$ I've spent on it. Kennedy