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  1. Your body does not know the difference in what activity. You are doing. I believe it is all about intensity. The trick is applying it in the field.
  2. My google foo is weak right now. Thst explaines the concept
  3. I am refering to the fact that your body does not process carbs the same under stress. Day to day is a whole other story..
  4. Ok. These gu gels and designed for convenience. Easy to cary calories. During "exercise" your body does not treat simple and complex carbs different. It justs uses them. Look at the Tour DeFrance guys. Pounding cokes and king size snickers. Carb drinks are great as you can just fill your camelbak. Longer races like an enduro make it nice because you can eat real food....I
  5. I mean at an enduro where you actually have resets and gas that you can eat at.
  6. I usually take 4 gu packs with me. Just not enough. I think the pbj/bannana idea is great! Would be nice to find a good bar that is easy to throw in the camelbak
  7. How about "during" an event fueling? On the bike fueling during longer races. Like an enduro or 3 hour harscramble?
  8. Just got in my shiney new FMF fatty. New Enduro engineering hand gaurds. The cycra pro bends gave me one last bit of aggrevation. They never would stay put. Plus I pinch the outside of my hand on trees sometimes. Oil change. Going to shake down my electric start. Shorted a wire to the frame and popped a fuse. Replaced the fuse and still no go. Going to get out the volt meter tonight.
  9. I ended up calling EBC and Galfer. Got some attitude from ebc phone girl. The got a tech that did not seem to know what he was talking about at all. Called Galfer and got treated awesome. Told me a specific pad to try. Helped me find the right pads. Even stayed on the phone with me until I found them on rm. Class act. Got the pads and a FMF Fatty ordered. Will be here tomorrow!
  10. Whats the hot ticket on brake pads right now? Heading to jackpine enduro this weekend. I have to overnight a pipe from rocky mountain (smashed it) atv and thought I would just add on some fresh rears. The stock seam to squeak a lot.
  11. Update. This could help someone. Simple problem. The weight of the connector banging around finally pulled my starter wires out of the connector. I put the bike on the kickstand. It tried to take off! Starter wires arced together causing the starter to run non stop. I taped them off for the day. I ended up cutting the connector out. Slipped some heat shrink tubing on the wires. Then soldered the wires together. Shrunk the tubing ove the connection.
  12. This!Make a turn track. Tight. Ride it as much as you can. Mix in bar banging tight trees and at least 1 12" to 18" log. Ride it an hour a day. What has helped me a lot is teaching my son. The act of helping others helps reinforce what you have learned in your past. You realize your own mistakes.
  13. WD attracts dirt. That was my concern. Plus if it was plastic safe. I guess lube is the obvious answer.
  14. Any tips for squeaky hinged boots? I have been a long time Tech 8 fan myself. I just got a set of the new Fly Sector boots. I really like them but they sure do squeak when you walk!
  15. I pulled the connecter. Filled it with dielectric grease. I took a tiny screwdriver and went in the back of the connecter and tightened the crimp. It seems to be fine now. Time will tell. I also pulled apart the start button and greased it up with the dielectric grease. I pulled the starter cover off and greased the crown wheel and bushings with mobile 1 grease. I am suprised a little how corroded the pins apeared on a fairly new bike. This bike is new to me. It allegedly had 43 hours on it. Planning on getting the tank off and reasing the rest of the wires as well as greasing the linkage here in the next week or so. If any of you guys have any suggestions/tips on anything I am missing let me know, I am new to orange, so far I really dig it!