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  1. I'm guessing the bracket that mounts the stand to the frame is bent. Mine has done this a couple times. Don't sit on the bike with the stand down. It can't hold the weight.
  2. Cool video. Thanks for posting it.
  3. Thanks. I finally found it in that crazy manual. 120 mm. Had a guy put oil & seals in the shocks. He put 5 wt at 130 mm in it. It was too plush. Dove when I hit the brake hard & was bottoming out easily. Switching back to 7.5 wt at 120mm tomorrow. T
  4. 07 TE 450 Can anyone tell me what the oil level should be for 7.5 wt? Thanks
  5. We have a buffer at work. I'm pretty sure I can smooth it out.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I got it finally. Theres a race on the axle that was rusted. It took all evening. I was worried I was beating & something was still holding it. The bearings were shot also. I don't have that much time on the bike. Guess the seals were worn & little grease? You can see the rust in the picture. http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z166/Husky450/SDC10318.jpg[/img]"]
  7. I bought it new in 07. I've taken other wheels off different bikes without problems. I was worried I was missing something & beating on it. There is next to no grease on the axle & the first inch or two looks pitted (still smooth). It's probably frozen on there. I've tried beating on it back & forth & small amounts of heat. Soaking it with lubricant. Thanks for the reply. Any other ideas out there?
  8. 07 TE 450 I need some help removing my front wheel. Tell me if I'm missing something. I've removed the 4 pinch bolts on the shocks. I removed the allen screw cap on the end of the axle. I have the bike in the air. The axle spins freely (you can only turn it 3/4 of a turn because of the handle on the axle. I'm trying to beat it out, but it looks like a inter race in the hub is stuck to the axle. Is it rusted/burred up locking it up, or am I missing another step? The axle & race look thing is beating out about 1" & pushing against the bearing & shock.
  9. I'm in North East, MD. Riding a TE450.
  10. My 07 te450 did the same thing. I found the pins on the side of the computer loose & fallen out. It's $300 for a new one. Is there another brand that's easy to install? Vapor?
  11. I have a line-x liner. Had it done by the guy in Newark on Ogletown road. It has a life time guarantee. It's 4 years old & cleans up like new. Had it repaired once. The guy said you can throw cement blocks in it the next day. Honestly it's not tough enough for that type of work. Hauling bikes, mulch etc is fine. I paid $510 in 2005 for an 8' bed over the rail.
  12. They really suck on the road. My front wheel bounces at certain speeds. It rides well offroad though.
  13. Rode out to Fast by Ferracci & picked up some shims ($9 a piece). Expensive for what they are. How much was that kit? Going to put them in now. This will be alot easier next time! Thanks for the help Thanks Coffee for another great video
  14. ok, thanks. It's the second mark on the gear. My right intake is tight & both exhaust are tight. Do I need thicker pads to loosen the valves? Craig
  15. 07 te 450 I'm adjusting my valves for the first time & having trouble figuring out which mark on the gear is top dead center. There are three marks on the gear. The first mark on the gear seems impossible to align. The second is easier & the third is obvious not top dead center. I have the spark plug out & in second gear rotating the rear wheel. Thanks in advance! Craig