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  1. Infidel

    New 1190......WOW!

    I don't check in here often enough obviously.....I managed to pick up an extremely well farkeled '14 1190R with 1300 miles on it. The PO is a Multistrada person who should never have tried the R (21/18) configuration which doesn't suit him at all. Sold my 990 Adventure for good coin and have to admit that as much as I loved that bike for Baja, UTBDR, western desert rides, the 1190R configuration is superior. Yes, you fix the airbox issue but the niggles are much less than the 950/990 models. Much easier to change oil and do most maintainence. Still offroad capable, just remember to dial back the 150 hp to 100 hp and the bike won't rocket off on you. The Stability system is one priceless upgrade that makes the bike seem smaller than the 950/990 series, it just does not want to fall over at any speed. The R doesn't have all the Electronic suspension that I believe would cause issues if you take it where you really want to go.....fortunate to make the change when I did.....what a great bike!
  2. I have a Seat Concepts left over from my '08 which has a slightly different seat pan than the '15 690er that I've picked up. It seems to fit OK without the old style pan. Has anyone got any experience with switching? I've also found some internet sites that seem to suggest the '14-'15 690's take a different stabilizer set up....comments appreciated....
  3. Infidel

    L4/L5 Microdiscectomy recovery time?

    Recovery from a lower lumbar discectomy is individually based. The need to go slowly until complete healing is very difficult for all of us who are otherwise healthy and active. Follow your docs orders, I think they let me start PT after 6 weeks. Realize that the further out you get without re-injury is hugely in your favor so don't re-injure it by going too fast. Markers that I know are 3 and 6 months with core strengthening a key component. Once your core is good, you can move to upper/lower body excercise. My neurosurgeon let me ride motos on a 3 week trip at 6 months but I had other issues with scoliosis. If there is another root cause for disc rupture like in my case, things can be different. There's a longer thread below here that has many other experiences, read it. And riding motocross? You certainly won't get any guarantees from medical providers.
  4. Infidel

    riding after lumbar back surgery

    Time for new information and data points. I've had scoliosis of my lumbar vertebrae diagnosed at age 14. I have been physically active ever since but did my best to keep my weight reasonable for my size. Backpacked, bicycles, motorcycles, racket ball, basketball, kayaks, fishing, skiing, whatever was the activity I enjoyed. Developed a late passion for dual sport motos at age 50. Baja, Copper Canyon, western USA is home so lots of good terrain. Never raced and rode conservatively. BMI has historically ran from 27-29. I'm a big guy but not in my family. Literally 44 years later, I ruptured the L5-S1 disc which essentially paralyed my right leg. Microdiscectomy 12 weeks later with recovery at 6 months allowing another Baja trip. Upon return, L2-3 ruptured symptomatically with the MRI showing additional ruptures. Two microdiscectomies later, the transforaminal injections only gave a couple weeks of reprieve. It turned out that my scoliosis had progressed. Initially measured at 5 degrees at age 14, when the first disc ruptured, it measured at 9 degrees. After the third discectomy it went from 18 to 21 degrees in a matter of 3 months. I got an Orthopedic specialist certified in scoliosis repair to place 20 pieces of titanium and I have now gained back an inch of height. I'm 8 weeks post op, off the Lyrica with mild residual nerve pain, stopped the antispasmodic, Valium and walking up to two miles per day. Still using some prn Lortab since they will not allow any NSAIDS like Ibu or naproxen. It turns out that bone fusion requires inflammatory response and those drugs dampen it and discourage the healing. I have #2 pelvic screws to S1 and rods/screws to L2-3. One of my positive factors is that I had a full body bone scan in my early 40's that put my bone density at the 94 percentile so I'm counting on my ability to lay down bone and fuse completely. My 5 week follow up xrays showed no shifts or other hardware issues. The prognosis is full fusion at 3-4 months. Their fusion data base dates back to 2006 with 94% success. Of the 6% unsuccessful, 3% need another intervention, 3% have an anomoly that they just watch. I sold my 690 before surgery and the PA told me not to sell my road bike. They expect that I'll be better than I've been for the past decade within the next year and I will be able to ski as well as moto. This is the only blog I'm posting on this topic, I want the story available, not identified as me. People need to know that medical technology and techniques are making progress just like so many other specialties, orthopedics parallels quite a bit of engineering in that regard. As my pals Canned Heat puts it: Keep on, keepin' on......
  5. Infidel

    New 1190......WOW!

    Big differences in the Adventure and AdventureR....you need to know what each ones stregths and weaknesses are.....personally don't see either being qualified for the dirt that my 690e or 990Adv can handle.....just too much weight and the panniers add quite a bit of width. The bike desperately needs some serious after sale accessories to leave the pavement, not cheap, and I think that exhaust system is hideous. It remains to be seen how the electronics hold up, there are known issues with the first year production, 2013, although the stability system looks like a major advance in technology......bottom line for me is that I'll be waiting a few product cycles to fully evaluate this bike....and yes, I've ridden them.....
  6. I ride my 690e as a true dual sport for trips that are over 2000 miles with no problem. Combination of dirt roads and pavement. The bike handles these trips without problems. My buddy will never ride a multiday dual sport on his 500 EXC in that fashion. He takes it on 3-4 day trips of more dirt and single track. It's set up with his rack system, skid plate and custom fairing with LEDs. He freely admits that the bike will not make longer trips requiring much pavement. He has a few products for the 690 but many more for the smaller KTMs, you can check his products out at www.Globetrottin.com
  7. Infidel

    690 enduro r tires

    My buddy uses the Motoz on his 990Adv with great results. I'm waiting to wear out my current inventory of MT-21's and 908F's plus I've got a rear 606 to kill also. So many rides I need to take. Nevertheless, those are probably the longest wearing DOT knobs out there, good design, no chunking on the powerful bikes.
  8. Infidel

    2013 690smc

    Maybe you could bribe me......maybe not....... 2008 690e converted
  9. Infidel

    Pictures of KTM 690 Enduro Seat Concepts Seat

    I finished the work and installed the seat this morning....I had been using the stocker with a Stearns pad but that created width issues when standing.....rode a few hours this afternoon and it seems a success.... edit: unable to load the photo...will try again later but this is a new issue for this site.... edit2: OK, switched computers and it posted......? One issue with the Seat Concepts seat is the front end clearance with the Safari tank...be careful to lift the front of the seat to get it inserted correctly....it's a bit tougher than the OEM seat but well worth it.
  10. Infidel

    New 2013 KTM 500 EXC Protection

    FWIW.........my buddy with the '12 EXC got 66 mpg stock setup....he installed the JDTuner which dropped it to 55 mpg.....here in the western usa, he still wanted the 13l tank for overnighters.....
  11. Thanks, I've read Adv threads and rode a while with Geek at last years KTM rally in Moab. He's a few levels above where I ride. I'm hoping to find some folks here who might not post Adv.
  12. 690 E with Safari tank in Rallye mode......230 mile day with no complaints........or stops for gasoline.....good thing because there's a lot of space in the west desert.....
  13. I found the old thread from last fall but wanted to hear the results of 2012 owners and how new 2013 models are stacking up... Pics, pics, pics.......and any thoughts, experiences and information needed..... I'm "middle aged", 6'3", 230 lb, not a racer and thinking of moving from my 690 Rallye to a lighter bike. I find too much crossover with the 990Adv that shares shed space with the 690 but I want to be able to carry some day trippin/overnight gear for those occasions and lighten up for the dirty days. Street legal is necessary but VIN doesn't have to be...so discuss your conversions please..... Grazie
  14. I have understood from older posts that it's relatively easy to go from the Enduro to SM configuration. My bike came with SM wheels, brakes, lines and lever. Conversely, I've understood that it's difficult to mod the SM to Enduro wheels. The search function might be your best friend. Good luck and let us know what you find......
  15. I have an oem 990 skid plate if it can be rigged to work....since you're local, lemme know......