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  1. fourwheeler31

    Ttr 230 Question

    yamajeb,I just drilled it out you just have to be careful and not drill to deep there is space between it and the pilot screw but not too much just drill until you feel the bit start to catch as it goes through and it should come out pretty easy i used a 3/16ths bit.
  2. fourwheeler31

    Ttr 230 Question

    The air box mod the picture shows is a dotted line around most of the top.I did not do this simply because of where i ride there is alot of mud and water.I did however do the other suggestion which is remove the snorkel and the backfire screen and both seemed too help.When i drilled out the brass plug to adjust the pilot screw(which will need to be done) mine was turned all the way in.I could have probably gotten away without changing the jet had i known ahead of time my pilot screw was all the way in.I still have a slight stumble on top end but power was increased all the way from idle to wide open,not as much as i would like but it did increase.I think a header pipe would make a big difference if one could be found.
  3. fourwheeler31

    Ttr 230 Question

    I just installed the GYTR exhaust on mine this weekend it does come with a jet the stock was a #36 the kit comes with a #38.I also did the airbox mod the instructions came with it is an improvement over stock all the way around.
  4. Will any of these mods work on the 230 with the GYT-R exhaust?How much difference will they make?