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  1. paceyman

    PW50 oil injection block off

    I've heard a bunch of stuff but nothing concrete so I am too am looking for that answer plus one more... how can you tell if the oil pump is working? We just toasted a piston this past weekend. Hope you don't mind the pile on request maddog.
  2. paceyman

    Unridden Challenge

    Thanks Neil and crew. I've searched the site looking for carb cleaning tips and pilot jet info. I must not be searching correctly. Any of you guys have a thread or sticky that I can follow for this? It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. paceyman

    Unridden Challenge

    05 DRZ400S Sat for about 3 months without riding. When I put it away, I did not drain the untreated fuel out of the tank or carb, I know better. Battery was dead, replaced the battery. Now it will not idle AT ALL. It will start on full choke, warm up there fine. Move the choke in and it dies. Try and feather it in, crack the throttle at half and above and she will run, but not what I was used to before. Nice, smooth - no problem. I drained the gas, put in fresh with no difference. Quick spin around the block feathering the clutch to get going and she never cleared up even after 15 minutes of riding. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. paceyman

    Motorcycle Jack

    I've been using the aluminum version of the Sears jack which was purchased at Sam's. We use it on Harley's and our DR without issues. Is the Sears one steel or alum?
  5. paceyman

    speedometer seems a bit off on my DRZ400SM

    I concur that my bike is also 10% out.
  6. paceyman

    drz400s info,please

    14/44 gearing - Cruise at 65, with DOT knobbies with no problems.
  7. paceyman

    Chain resonance in top gear

    I have the exact same bike and the same situation. I keep her in 4th till 50+ and the harmonics go away. I use Motol chain lube and only lube after the chain is warm. Ride on...
  8. paceyman

    So talk me out of it...

    I concur with kalabula in that you will get more use out of the 400S than a quad UNLESS you have your own land. Got my 05 400S a few months ago and have already hit 700 miles on her. In my short experience, only mud and sand give me the willies. Other than that, I'll take my 2W Z anyday. Welcome to TT, you'll love it.
  9. paceyman

    White Brothers / Megla graphics on e-bay

    That is cool for sure. You plan on getting the WB exhaust to go along with the graphics?
  10. paceyman

    I bought a DRZ400S

    Welcome from another newbie!!! I started with the grips and tires. Progrips and Metzeler Karoos were the first to go on. Other than the mud, I like the Karoos. Will try a lower pressure next time it gets sloppy.
  11. paceyman

    Do you worry about scratches anymore ?

    So far, my bike has only been on the street and I care about it. Soon enough next week comes the dirt and I assume things will change. My motto will be, let it rip!!!!
  12. paceyman

    Hatfield-McCoy Suggestions Needed

    Dan, Did the Pinnacle Creek trails last year on both quads and dirt bikes. We stayed at the Pinnacle Creek Campground and was not impressed. Yes it was close to the trailhead, yes it had a store and yes it had a shower just 50 yards away but we wanted a camping adventure as well. Our family was looking for the woods, the hills and the sort. What we got was a gravel parking lot set up like a campground. It had all the good stuff there except for the woods which is what we were looking for. http://www.trailsheaven.com/listings.cfm?func=details&listingID=137 is their link. We plan on going back this year but staying at the closest state park and trailering the toys. The trailhead parking lot was never full. The green or easiest trails were pretty technical for 2 wheels but easy for 4 wheels. The blue or intermediate trails were really cool and fairly long, nice rides for sure. The trailhead itself is a pretty tough climb. Very wide but rocky. Make sure you have radiator guards in place if you have a water cooled bike. We were there there for 2-1/2 days and only logged 50 or so miles. The experience was well worth it and like I said, we are going back. They follow the manufacturer's age for ATV's. If you have kids, make sure they are age appropriate for the ATV they will be riding. That means 6 is the minimum age. Small bikes (85cc or less) will have trouble on the ascent and descent. Other than that, make sure you have plenty of bug spray and if you stay in the parking lot like we did, I hope you like trains. Enjoy the ride, it's worth the price of admission.
  13. paceyman

    XR400 street legal in VA

    Tom, Congrats on getting it through the VA DOT system. Time to ride!!!
  14. paceyman

    New Southeast Virginia Rider

    Must have missed the memo on that one. Where and when in NC?
  15. paceyman

    Exhaust Federal Requirment

    LOL - Oh my!!!! I have the sticker so I'm going to ride and not worry about it. Next year this time I will have the 3x3 mod. and rejet done. Am planning on keeping the stock exhaust since I live in a neighborhood so this should be a moot point. The funny thing is I keep reading about everyone doing the 3x3, rejet and full exhaust - everyday on this board. So I got geared up till I read that last night. Game back ON!!! Thanks all.