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  1. crash5

    Flywheel mod?

    Hehe, no I'm not getting roosted on... not intentionally anyway Thanks to everyone for all the responses. I'm gonna try the ergo throttle tube, I think she could use a little crutch(now on order) I'm gonna try the JD jet kit to smooth the band and make the middle bigger (now on order) I'm gonna hold judgement on the sprocket change. I'll try it later but I'm worried about having power problems elsewhere. If I beef up the middle with the JD kit it might even out tho' I can not find a flywheel anywhere. It seems like the right change but NOBODY has it. This makes me feel like I'm not getting something here. I'll let you know what we see.
  2. crash5

    Flywheel mod?

    as her '01 got an aftermarket pipe on it? > Dubach D pipe with the quite core. Best way to smooth your power band that I know of. Extra flywheel weight will work to mellow out the hit. > Who has em for a wr250? I can't find one. I would try an extra tooth on the front, it is the cheapest to do, but might be a bit too much. Dropping a tooth or two will do nicely, I would go two less. What gearing is on the bike? > The stock gearing is on there now. Are you suggesting going for more bottom end or less with this change? * Those ergo throttle tube things sound like a winner to me! Throttle control is everything. > Anyone know a link or a full product name on this? I can't find em anywhere but I know what yer talking about. I would think tho' that you don't want to change the way your asking for power on the bike. Just change the big snap off the bottom. I dunno.
  3. crash5

    Flywheel mod?

    I have the wr auto decomp cam in there along with all the other typical wr mods. It starts like a dream (yeah, an 01... go figure). I really just need to tone down the early hit. It's fun but not so much in the tight stuff where you need an easy roll on. Feels like an MX'er. Final gearing? Go down a tooth or two? Jetting? A JD kit? AP adjust? Any suggestions? Thanks for the responses.
  4. crash5

    Flywheel mod?

    My wife has an 01WR250 and I have an 04. The low end hit on my 04 is much smoother and easier to use. I'd like to see if I can't get her ride to match a little more closely. I think the main difference is in the flywheel weight. Is there a flywheel weight that will work for the 01 WR250? Will the 04WR250 flywheel weight work on the 01? Is there something else I should try? Thanks