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  1. WackyBush

    Slyko's Silver Lake Adventure - Pics

    I had a great time meeting new riders and watching Super! Thanks to everyone for posting all the great pics and video's, here's my contribution: Why I overheat?: Then I'll just push my bike: Makes it look easy: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8037140510827922602 Going for a ride this Saturday from North shore Tahoe to Boomtown and back and then again on Weds or Thurs around Strawberry. Email me if you wanna go: BushWacker@WackyBush.com
  2. WackyBush

    Horse Canyon, Saturday, 7/28/07 9:00 am

    Look for me at the trailhead to the Horse Canyon trail, I'll be there at 9:am and will be with my buddy who is over 70 nursing his still healing broken leg. I took my wife up this trail last year so don't be a bunch of wimps!
  3. WackyBush

    Technical downhills

    Yes straigten your arms out and get way back with your weight. Your goal is to go faster, once you are going faster you are NOT going to be able to brake effectively so you just have to pretend you have bad brakes and keep your speed to where you are still in control becuase once you lose control it doesn't matter how fast you WERE going you will be stopped very soon.
  4. WackyBush


    I don't think you are Really looking for an "explaination" are you? I suggest you make them an offer for less.
  5. WackyBush

    Best Womens Gear?

    I have always thought the best women's gear was none at all!
  6. WackyBush

    not heavy enough

    That's what I weighed when I was in the 6th grade!
  7. WackyBush

    not heavy enough

    Just eat more...
  8. WackyBush

    GPS and Software.

    The TouraTech is the best mount I've found for the Garmin Etrex series: http://www.cycoactive.com/gps/ttetrexc.html Dont' bother with the locking mount if someone is going to steal it they can just bend the aluminum mount, get the non-locking mount and just remove your GPS if you are worried about it getting stolen.
  9. I wear Scott photo-sensitive lenses because I tend to get caught riding past dark a lot and I like that they get light enough to see in low light conditions yet get dark when it's sunny out.
  10. WackyBush

    post a photo of your GPS mounted..

    I've used many different mounts and found the mounts by CycoActive to be the best for these reasons. 1. They are made out of metal and are somewhat sturdy. 2. They have rubber dampeners and keep the unit from turning off. (not needed if hard wired) 3. They can be adapted to mount low on the handlebars preventing damage during crashes. Here are a some pictures with and without a GPS mounted, click on pictures for larger versions:
  11. WackyBush

    Help finding GPS Link......?

    My mother always taught me to share...
  12. WackyBush

    Help finding GPS Link......?

    I think the site you are looking for is: http://www.gpsxchange.com/
  13. Install a steel sleeve in the oil drain plug hole from the factory.
  14. WackyBush

    how many run front disc guards?

    Flatland Racing has one for a Honda 250CRF/X but I don't know if that will fit the 230. It looks like this:
  15. WackyBush

    Can i handle a 125?

    I don't think you are ready until you can learn to spell better