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    CA Riders - Mad as HeII? Don't Wanna Take It Anymore?

    Thanks cleonard. Every year I sit around the campfire and b*&^c with my dad about roads being closed and the greens destroying "our" outdoor activites. Just because I don't want to hike and eat granola when I'm in the outdoors dosn't mean I don't respect the land and want it open for my kids. I'm ready to stop talking and DO something about it. We just lack direction and organization. Getting organinzed is the most difficult part. Once we get there then we will see some progress. Ned
  2. Ned Fighter

    CA Riders - Mad as HeII? Don't Wanna Take It Anymore?

    This is my first post, however the land use issues are burning me up. Please bare with me. This will probably be pretty long. I am in unique position, I have lived in CA for the past 10 years but I am not "technically" a CA resident. (Military) I grew up in UT where we used to be able to ride about anywhere any time. The west desert was vast and not a single limited access or road closed sign. Just hundreds of miles of desert for riding and playing. We used to run 20-30% of our desert races through virgin terrain. All the BLM asked was that we pick up our ribbons when we were done. Now they have to use a gps and download the track to the BLM so they can verify that it is not in a "closed area". In my opinion groups like the Sierra Club and SUWA (Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance) excel in the courts. They use the increasingly green and liberal laws to their advantage. For instance getting a dirt road (jeep trail is more accurate) closed that has been there for 50+ years because they claim a non-native fish species (Brooke trout, that is stocked yearly by the UT fish and game) is being harmed. The road was close because they got a court to agree that an environmental impact study was warranted, so the road was closed until the study can be completed. (True story) In my opinion the civil courts are the only place were the laws are not tilted to our opponents favor. I don't think that suing people is the answer to life's problems but if it gets us heard and knocks the wind out of our opponents sails then we should go for it. The folks getting killed because of a collision, I believe, is perfect ammunition. The argument being the the USFS / BLM / Sierra Club willfully disregarded public safety by putting all of the OHV riders in too small of area thus directly contributing to the death or injury of people. A few multi-million dollar wins and people would take notice. A couple other random thoughts: - We need to align ourselves with other groups that are in the same situation. In my opinion, the sportsman / hunters are the perfect allies. Increasingly public lands are being closed and formed into "wilderness" areas. Thus limiting the access to the average Joe. Keeping areas open to hunters is as important to them as it is to us. And most of them own a 4-wheeler of some description. -We need to fight improvement of dirt roads. Improved roads allow the people in their $80,000 SUV to get disgusted with the trails they see and go home and write a fat check to the Sierra Club and / or write their congressman. When was the last time you saw a Range Rover on a rough dirt road? If you did see them, and the rode was really rough, they are using the vehicle as it was intended and I would bet they are on our side. I don't like pulling the toyhauler down a boulder strewn road to ride, but I will if it means keeping more riding areas open. - When we succeed in getting new land open for off-road use, we should try and keep them away from the main highways. Much like above, out of sight out of mind. If they can't see trails through the desert / mountains they won't know any better. -Force the environmentalists to show facts not state opinions. We have to be able to shoot back with facts and that will take money! -Maybe we can get the OHV dealers to charge a fee or mandatory membership in BRC / CORVA / USA-ALL to help in the fight. It is in their best interest to keep riding areas open or increased. I would gladly pay $100 more for a bike if it meant more riding opportunities. Unfortunately I will be half a world away on April 7th. If it were at all possible for me to be in Sacramento I would be there. CA is the battle ground what happens here will eventually happen in the rest of the west. It is already happening! Thanks for listening to my rant. Ned