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  1. that depends, how much the the 08' output shaft? if you dont plan on making your motor bigger then id get the stock one. im planning on running a 143 kit with racehead so ive decided thats what im getting. plus bbr comes with 1st gear. hope this helps
  2. is there enough gas in the tank? ive had few friends whos fiddy wouldnt stay running and they assured me when they brought it to me that it had gas, sure enough there was gas but not enought and started right up and stayed running with full tank. just a thought.
  3. boulman you can buy a billet exhaust tip and will sound pretty mean without buying a spendy pipe. ive ran the tb 108 stroker with a stock pipe with billet exhaust tip and had so much power that i didnt need to go and buy a pipe. if your after a small budget then this would be a great option.
  4. tb kits all come pre jetted and you shouldnt have to maess with jetting at all, if anything youll need to warm up the bike first or it will sputter and sometimes die. my buddy thought the jetting was off and i had him wait and warm it up good cause youd be surprised at how long these little engines take to warm up to running temps and next thing you know it ran just fine.
  5. i personelly still favor the oem sm fender from my 06'.
  6. damn thats a nice ride! so whats the difference from the xcf to sxf?
  7. +1 i love this stand, ive had the previous design as well.
  8. Supercross

    actually he and james got lapped by rc , cant remember the track but it was wet! i remember vullimen coming in 2nd or 3rd. heres the race report link------>
  9. Supercross

    i just want to know why cr doesnt ride outdoors anymore? was it too embarrassing to get lapped by rc?
  10. factory style supermoto number plate but its the plastic version, i have the carbon one also , just never got around to installing it.
  11. check the top triple clamp on the front side right behind ur headlight bucket and see if theres 3 holes there or not. if there is use the hole in the middle!! i have a brand new 08 and 06 number plate if u need one.
  12. i run 16.5 front, only tires for that front rim is slicks and only slicks. for the rear theres plenty of choices.
  13. thanks, i figured it out and took me forever to get it to sit right but done finally done.
  14. so im replacing the gasket for the clutch cover with the rekluse gasket and right before i was about the put the cover back on i noticed theres a silver spring like ring inside the seal and sitting loose, is is suppose to sit loose? i was thinking that it suppose to sit in the cupped part of the ribber seal but cant seem to get it to sit inside. any tip would be helpful.