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  1. Damon01

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Went to Big Bear this week and took some photos.
  2. Damon01

    FMF Q and E head pipe

    Also the bracket that circles the muffler should have come with a rubber piece to protect the muffler from the bracket and maybe help with vibration. Doesn't look like it is there in the photo.
  3. Damon01

    New member here with one simple question!

    Stringburner, what did you use to remove the swingarm tabs and make it so smooth?
  4. Damon01

    Brand New TT FCR seems to be trouble ???

    Eddie is right. I installed and FCR some time ago and was happy but then started having idling problems. Went to Eddie who made some helpful jetting suggestions based on what I told him but i rejetted about three or four times and wasn't happy. Finally i found a tear in the vaccum tube to the petcock. I probably tore it when I installed my IMS tank. I spent so much time on the jetting and it was something simple. I believe Eddie told me to check everything but i missed it. Seams like I always miss the simple things.
  5. Thankyou Ed. Now I have a direction to go. I didn't have any ideas. Will take care of it next week. Merry Christmas Ed.
  6. I pulled it out a month ago but it seemed to be too lean with popping and wouldn't idle right and the hanging idle was very bad. And it still didn't react to fuel screw. I assumed the carb was the earlier version (from April 06) and didn't need it removed so I put it back in and it idles better and runs better with less severe hanging idle. So I should remove it again and fiddle with it more? Any adjustments besides turning fuel screw?
  7. Yes i am sure. Bought it from SUDCO April 06.
  8. I have put the slow air jet back in. FCR MX carb from April 06. It wouldn't run right without it but still the fuel screw doesnt have an effect until it is completely screwed in. So I think I will try a smaller pilot jet. But I also am experiencing a hanging idle. We will see how it goes. I also tried adjusting fuel screw with the idle at really low rpm.
  9. First I had a Kintech, then went back to stock fuel screw, and now I had the R&D screw. I read another post where you said it could be the screw so I changed it. And I am sure its FCR-MX, it has the TPS and hotstart. By the way I am at about sea level.
  10. From Sudco, and i removed the slow air jet and the throttle return cable.
  11. I thought that if turning fuel screw doesnt' change idle you should go to a smaller pilot jet........... but i also thought a hanging idle would indicate a lean pilot jet? I am experiencing both. Only reaction to fuel screw is when it is completely closed. And have a hanging idle (not too bad) when warmed up, so I am confused, should i still go down in size on the pilot jet? (of course I recognize the possibility that is only my own incompetence but hope its just a jet.... easier on my ego) DRZ400S 2006 FCR-MX 39 45 pilot 155 main 3x3 airbox mod DRZ400E exhaust
  12. Damon01

    Fuel tank weight, stock vs. aftermarket?

    In January I went from stock California steel tank (with metal gas cap) to IMS 3.2 gallon tank. I weighed them with bathroom scale and the steel tank with cap weighed 7.8 LBS and the IMS tank weighed 5.6 LBS.
  13. Damon01

    Another E cam question.

    I also was curious about the "E" cams in an "S". Is it much of a gain without the "E" gasket raising compression?
  14. Damon01


    My wife named mine "Zoee". I wanted to name it "Drizzt" after the dark elf in the fantasy books by Salvatore. But maybe I should't tell that so you guys wouldn't know there was a nerd in the forums.
  15. Damon01

    Flywheel changeout question

    Thanks for the help guys. Almost done now. Just need to get me a strap wrench. You guys are great.