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  1. Timbob

    Advice PLZ

    I took the spedometer off of my xr350 and i was wondering how I shoudl cap off were I took the cable out at Or if i shoudl just find a scpacer of somesort or what
  2. Timbob

    Lost shim!!!

    I cant believe you lost it ...
  3. Timbob


    A stock 1983 honda xr350 muffler please let me know if you have one
  4. Timbob

    oil chane, now oil leak

    Ya when you switch to synthetic it is a thinner oil so it opens up small openings that the thicker oil couldnt get through...
  5. Timbob

    I need to know!!

    I own a 1983 honda xr350 and I want to pipe it but I cant seem to be able to find a pipe for that perticular year and I was wondering if a xr400/250 pipe would fit or not?? please reply my email is timbob_00@hotmail.com, thankyou for anything you can tell me...