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  1. racer187t

    03 sx 125 how reliable??

    I've got a 2003 125SX and haven't had one problem with it. Like what bigred07 said they are bulletproof.
  2. racer187t

    Graphics question

    For 2005-2006 the radiator shroud design changed (the shrouds are a little smaller), so those graphics won't fit. However, the bolt holes line up for radiator shrouds from 2004-2006. I'm not sure if the bolt holes line up for previous years, but I don't think that the shrouds have changed much pre-2004.
  3. It seems like the radiator shroud bolt question was answered, so I would go with the orange radiator shrouds. When the black shrouds get scratched, it looks pretty bad. On the orange, the scratches don't show up as easily. However, if you want the black it wouldn't look too bad on the orange tank.
  4. racer187t

    Bent Rear Brake Rotor Can it be fixed?

    Might want to spend the $ and get a new one. Heating up the rotor and dumping it in cold water will weaken the rotor significantly. Besides, that erider rotor looks cooler!