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  1. Looking for lower fork tubes for my 2006 250x. Suggestions?
  2. I have a 2012 450x with factory exhaust system. Looking to go aftermarket for a full system. which systems provides the best power increase, and the greatest weight savings?
  3. I have a 2012 450x, and need a new battery. I going to get a Lithium battery, give it a go. Anyone try this route? I know there are a couple of makers out there, and different sizes. I heard the small ones have trouble starting a 450 in a cold morning, so I'll probably get a bigger one, which is still a few lbs lighter than a led battery. another question, will my bike charging system also charge the Lithium battery?
  4. thanks guys. advice / tips taken!
  5. I recently picked up a 2012 CRF450x. I got a good price on it, so when I noticed the oil was not celar, but tan, I had some concern, but went ahead with the purchase anyways. I changed the oil, warmed the bike up and checked it, but it still looks tan, not clear. Issue there? my first thought was water in the crank, maybe a radiator/water pump leak. after cooling down, I checked the radiator, and it was right up to the top. I havn't gone for a real ride on it yet, so I will do that, and re-check everything. If anyone has thoughts on my situation, I'd apprieciatate it. Thanks
  6. A little of both. Favorite riding is probably higher speed desert trail.
  7. just upgraded from a 2005 crf450x to a 2012 crf450x. I want to pipe it. any suggestions? I wanted to do a FMF full system titanium, but FMF website says the titanium is not available for the 450x. really?? does anyone know if the "450r" titanium pipe will also fit on the 450x? Also, any other modes for improved power and throttle response? I just looking for exhaust/carb/air filter. no internal engine modes. Boyesen accelerator pump? power now valvue? FMF power wing? air filter? thanks for any tips!!
  8. what doew it take to put a headlight on the 350XC-f?
  9. on my last ride, i.e., crash, I broke my plastice on my seat, about 4 inches from the back of the seat. 2009 CRF450X. My local Honda shop wants an arm and a leg for a new one, plus I have to buy the complete seat, foam, cover and all. Anyone know where to get just the plastic? aftermarket available? any info will help!! Thanks
  10. I need to lower my seat height for my CRF250x. I have read about kits that drop it an inch, but have forgotten when and where I read these articles. Can anyone help me out. I've tried loosing the spring, but it is to the point where I think my suspension is messed up. thanks in advance
  11. Has anyone put a PowerNow value on their CRF450x? If so, what were the results? Worth the price or not. I also saw that PNV has "two" values that you can now buy for even more performance. Anyone try that? Thanks CRF450X
  12. It'll only go as fast as you crank the throttle, so take it easy at first. Don't go fast until you become "one" with your bike.
  13. I've been running Cheveron Delo 400 in my WR's and have very happey with it. Now I have a CRF250X and I want to run the Delo 400 in it. Any thought on that from other X riders? Any info will help. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the info. I think I will be going with the X. I like desert riding the best. What I really need is more money, so that I can one of each!
  15. Yea it helps. I think I will be going with the X. I like desert riding the best. What I really need is more money, so that I can one of each!