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  1. bullpen58

    2006 YZ450F Leaking Radiator

    Thanks man. Once I located the leak, I was confident that JB Weld would do the trick too and I was right . . . at least so far so good.
  2. Anyone else have this issue? Went to load my bike today and the left radiator appeared to have a leak down near the bottom (I couldn't tell if it was a fin or a weld/seam). How does one repair this? I asked a few people about putting those metallic flakes into the radiator like you can do for cars but everyone advised against it because it might damage the engine further. I've already removed the radiator and plan to consult with several radiator repair shops ASAP. Any suggestions would be great.
  3. bullpen58

    2006-07 YZ450F User Jetting Database

    Model: 2006 YZ450F Edit Revision Date: 4/12/09 Main Jet: 170 Pilot Jet: 48 Starter Jet: Stock Leak Jet (if any): Stock Fuel screw/Setting: Zip Ty Racing, 2.75 out Needle/Position: Stock Filter: Ready Racing Pipe/muffler: Stock Mods: Boyesen Quick Shot (first gen) Altitude Range: 50 - 300 Temp Range: 60 - 80 F Humidity Range: Unknown Comments: Thanks to the info posted in here, I finally got my bike to (mostly) quit back firing on deceleration. Of course, I'm still too far out on the fuel screw but that's the only way to get it to almost quit. I may try one size larger on the main and pilot to see if I can turn the fuel screw in a bit. I have no idea the ramifications for running the fuel screw too far out but I've been running it over 3 out for years now. hehe. Didn't have any major problems from doing that but it was obviously not jetted right. I tried the 48 pilot without changing the main one time (years ago) and the bike would NOT start. Then, I ran the 45 pilot with stock everything else (besides the Quick Shot) and it ran okay . . . I thought. But when I tried the 170 main with the 48 pilot it fired right up like it always has (which was more important to me than the back firing). With this new setting, the back firing is almost gone completely and the power does seem to come on a little stronger earlier and stay stronger for longer in the RPM range. I only rode it up and down a mostly flat road a few times so I have yet to test it on a track. I'm super optimistic that I made the right changes and may post a follow-up about it later this month.
  4. bullpen58

    Yamaha Replacement Tools?

    Thanks a million. Any idea how to order these without going through my LBS (yes, it is "local bike shop", I stole that acronymn from a MTB site)? Since they were obviously either too lazy or too incompetent to do this (I knew it was one or the other when I was standing there listening to them), I don't want them to get anything out of this. Nevermind, I just ordered it online through https://www.motorsportdealers.com. )
  5. I got robbed a few weeks ago and they stole all my tools, including the spark plug and spoke wrenchs that came with my 06 yz450. I know I'll be okay without them, but I WANT to replace them just for peace of mind. Anyone know how to order some. My LBS told me they can't order them. I'm sure there's already a thread about this in here somewhere. I've never been able to post anything that hasn't already been discussed and answered in here. If anyone can show me where that thread is, I'd appreciate it. Thx.
  6. i bought an 06 yz450 last january and love it. however, since i am morbidly obese and the suspension is finally broke-in, i felt that it was time to upgrade to some heavy duty truck springs (at least). :grin: my question is this: is it possible to change the fork springs without having to remove/replace the oil and oil seals? on my 99 yz400 (the older style forks) i used to be able to do it no problem. i had acquired all the special little tools of the trade and all that, but now it seems i need to go buy some more tools. i already bought a motion-pro "fork cap wrench", but it doesn't fit. neat-o. so i want to know who makes a fork cap wrench that WILL work, and what other tools will i need (if any). i'd like to be able to rebuild my own forks completely (i used to be able to with the older forks). what other tools are absolutely necessary? anyways, thanks in advance.
  7. bullpen58

    2007 YZ450F Pic???

    sad to see the new models coming out cause that makes my 06 suddenly outdated! LOL.
  8. bullpen58

    Just Picked Up 06YZ450...

    the first thing you should do ... well, you did that (the chain). the next thing you need is a new pilot screw that can be adjusted while the bike is running. they all cost around $20.00 and several companies make them including ZIP TY RACING, MSR, MOOSE, and .... some others i can't remember. they're all good and do the same thing. that one guy said the right thing about the oil change (after first ride). so one hour is plenty of time. go ahead and change the oil. i don't know what a "spares kit" is, but mine only came w/ the things that same guy mentioned. congrats on getting a bad azz bike (just like me!). hee hee. have fun dude.
  9. bullpen58

    Strange Noise: 06 YZ450F

    that sounds like it's your skid plate dude. i hypothesized all the same things. i checked my front wheel/brake, and was starting to consider rebuilding the lower end when i figured it out. weird, but true. it's about as illogical as putting some new footpegs on your bike and the engine starts making some weird noises. it's like .... &%$#@!? hahahhaa. at least i figured it out. i still haven't tested the skid plate with the foam piece installed. i just hope that takes care of the noise, cause i like the skid plate (the stockers blows), but i can't live with that noise. it's VERY irritating.
  10. bullpen58

    Strange Noise: 06 YZ450F

    thanks for the advice to everyone who helped me out. however, now that the noise is taken care of (stupid skid plate), i'm pretty happy with the jetting. the bike starts right up, has insane throttle response, and revs further than i dare to test. oh yeah, i forgot to say, the single, most effective mod i've done to my bike (and the same goes for the 99 yz400 i used to have) is to add two teeth to the rear sprocket. i recommend that change to everyone. unless you're racing in the desert or something like that. for moto or play riding, it's the hot ticket. the bike comes out of turns WAAAAAAAAAY better with that change and will pull 3rd gear through even the slowest of turns (and with me at the controls, that's REALLY slow).
  11. bullpen58

    Strange Noise: 06 YZ450F

    this is almost as embarrassing as the time i mistook my tear-offs for a YZ400! my first race ever was in 98 and i was on a yz250 (2 stroke). i had never used tearoffs before so i wasn't used to the noise they make flapping in the wind. i got about a 3rd place start in my first moto at carlsbad (250 beginner) and every time i'd be off the gas going into a turn, i'd hear some dude on a four stroke RIGHT on my azz!!! i never got a glimpse of him ("never look back" rule) but i swear he was there! then, on the way to the line for the second moto, i heard that four stroke right behind. well, that's when i figured out that it was coming from my stupid tearoffs!!! hahahhahahahha. unforgettable. now, i hear this noise coming from my engine that sound REALLY bad and i'm about to tear the engine apart and rebuild the lower end, rebuild the top end, buy a new carburetor, buy a new exhaust system, and buy new rims, when i realized something. . . . . the only thing i had changed since the last ride before the noise started was a skid plate from Works Connection. i went riding today to test my new theory. the first moto, the bike was, in fact, making the weird noise just like it did on the TT track. i was really worried. but i had a plan. i went back to my truck and took the skid plate off. second moto, the noise was gone! unbelievable!!! the freakin skid plate was either vibrating and/or amplifying the noise from the engine!!! i mean, this noise is extremely annoying and impossible to get used to. i didn't have it with me, but the next time i go to the track, i'm going to take the foam that comes with the skid plate and try it with the foam installed. i didn't use the foam because i don't care if mud gets packed in there. but maybe the foam deadens the vibration or whatever. another rider at the track actually came up with a good analogy. it sounds like when someone runs their finger along a wine glass and it makes that annoying whining sound. so be advised, if you bought a factory connection skid plate, make sure you use the foam. actually, i haven't tested this theory yet, but i'll let you all know what happens the next time i ride. i'm really relieved i didn't have to do anything to the engine. who would have thought that a stupid skid plate can make the engine make a weird noise. haha.
  12. bullpen58

    Chain Noise YZ426...

    same thing i said in another post, maybe it's your chain. if it's the stock chain, throw it away IMMEDIATELY. those things are garbage and you can tighten it up, go ride 20 feet, and it's loose again. get yourself a high quality o-ring or x-ring chain (but you'll want to replace the sprockets at the same time to avoid prematurely wearing out your new $100 chain). this should help immensely with the chain noise.
  13. i've owned YZ's forever, and the best "fix" i've found for this problem is to simply run a high quality chain. i've always ran the piece-o-junk stock chain until the stock sprockets wore out completely and i've always had to go through many, many, many chain buffer pads in the process. additionally, i noticed that the chain ALWAYS needed adjusting. i've stripped out chain adjuster bolts so many damn times it's ridiculous. finally, i learned that the real problem was that the chain was so crappy that it would stretch out and the extra slack in it caused it to flop around and cause excessive wear to the chain slider, chain block, and the rear shock mud flap thingy. once i put a new chain/sprocket kit on, i went through way WAAAAAAAAAY less chain sliders. when i got my 06 yz450, i didn't even start it with the stock chain. i kept the stock sprockets for the first ride, but i immediately put a high quality x-ring chain on it. i've only adjusted the chain once since then. could the chain be causing the problem for you too? or are you just sniveling about having to replace the chain slider once in a while? j/k.
  14. bullpen58

    Strange Noise: 06 YZ450F

    will do.
  15. bullpen58

    99yz400f zip ty carb adjuster

    definitely worth it. several companies make one. MSR ZIP TY RACING and MOOSE (i think) if you're gonna have your carb apart, definitely put one of those things on there before reassembling.