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  1. -Robbie-

    XR650R...Unabiker or Devol rad guards?

    I have the Devol and they have worked well so far, been down a few times with no damage (side impact seems very good) and they dont seem to make the bike run any hotter.I havent used the unibiker gaurds or even seen them on a bike so I cant comment on them. Robbie
  2. -Robbie-

    18 80/140 michelin

    Yes it will fit, might need to trim the chain side outer knobs by a couple of mm if they catch the chain by much, the Baja will fit without trimming but the Desert might need trimming for piece of mind. Dont worry about the different profile - the Dunlop should be 110mm high and the Michelin should be 112mm high so there will be very little difference when fitted and inflated. Both the Desert and the Baja get a little skatey when they wear down a bit,nothing too bad - the AC10 seems to be worse, but are good when they are new and drive really well in loose stuff. Robbie
  3. -Robbie-

    Show your PIG

    My bike a couple of years ago, its almost finished its complete overhaul now, 680 11:1 kit, falicon knife rod, cam, gearbox,brakes ect. I just have to get hold of a decent sticker kit and aftermarket headlight. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/-Robbie-/03finke0005.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/-Robbie-/03finke0002.jpg Robbie
  4. Mate there is a range of sprockets that have tapered mounting bolt holes and matched rubber spacers to absorb some shock and act like a bit of a cush drive, they are available in Aus because they were advertised in ADB or Dirt Action a while ago. Found them, look here for a review ,company that makes them is Prepel. http://www.fullnoise.com.au/new_products/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_full&product_id=33&cfid=164116&cftoken=79359724&dts=186200635522 Check with your local bike shop for them Hmmm the whole link doesnt seem to be coming up, click it and try anyway. Robbie
  5. -Robbie-

    xr650r vs cr500

    Come down our way in early June , Finke Desert Race is on then and before the 450's became so popular the CR500's had won 12 years in a row with a lot of the top riders on them. All the top 500's will do 180+km/h on the road sections, quite a few still running now. A lot of the top 4 strokes will do the same speeds, seen a KTM 580 clocked at 187km/h on the GPS. Robbie
  6. -Robbie-

    xr650r vs cr500

    I have both and raced both, the 650 was slightly modified with 15/47 gearing and the 500 is modified quite a lot with 15/40 gearing ( dont think there is any more that can be done to the motor, ported,lightened,balanced,carb bored and even had a 86 head fitted) so I s'pose its not really a fair comparison but the 650 never came near the 500 in acceleration from start or top end speed. The 650 topped out at 167km/h and the 500 did 190+km/h with the 500 carrying 30kg more. It will be interesting to see how the 650 goes with the 680 kit,knife rod and cam, should even things up a bit but I still dont think it will beat the 500. I am not trying to make the 500 sound unbeatable or favouring it in any way, if I was I wouldnt be spending all this money on the 650 but thats the way mine go. Robbie
  7. -Robbie-

    Race Ridden/ready Xr650r's

    Have raced it a few times, it is getting a complete rebuild now- 680 kit,falicon knife rod,hotcam, gearbox rebuild, suspension work, brakes ect, all I need now is a good sticker kit. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/-Robbie-/03finke0005.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/-Robbie-/03finke0002.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/-Robbie-/03finke2595.bmp Robbie