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  1. All good now I took the big plug out the bottom let it drain out a bit (I made a little funnel and funneled it into an old coke bottle) there was a reasonable amount of water and a bit of crud that came out. At the base of the plug it was full of dirt, so i cleaned that out and the o-ring. After that i ran some fuel through it, and opened closed the throttle after that too while the fuel was running and a little more cruft came out. I put it back in and gave it a bash and she runs just fine now, now idles off of choke a little lower than previously if i remember. It also has little black smoke when the revs drop off from high which is probably some oil burning off now that the piston rings are warn, there was a few tiny shards of metal in the filter, and im guessing the lack of lubrication with the stuffed oil will add to the wear on that bike. Looks like my mate owes me a beer, which in turn should be given to you chaps. 'reputation points go up for you both' thanks
  2. Hi David thanks, that does sounds like the issue hes having. I would have thought it would have sucked all the crap out so far, hes been giving it a bash for several minutes.. The oil has been replaced a couple of times as have the filters and the oil is back to a normalish color - still not bang on, but another filter and oil change tomorrow will probably be due. I might get him to try running it tomorrow again (the do the oil/filter) for a while doing as you suggest. Im just afraid he will kill it.. hes already annoyed at me for making him follow me through the creeks. I dont want a $$$ damage bill on my conscious as well. Is cleaning the carb out a reasonably straight forward task? I dont like the thought of it, does it need to be totally removed, or can i just disconnect it from the motor and airbox side and leave the throttle cables etc connected? Hes considering taking it to a shop to get sorted, but I would like to try it myself..
  3. A few weeks ago my mate totally drowed his 01 YZ250F while we were out riding, he got it running again and all was well - it ran as good as ever - very lucky ducky The other week he drowned it again and the bike is not so well - i think i will give him some swimming fins and floaties in future. The bike fires up and runs on choke just fine, off choke it struggles to keep alive - before drowing 2 it was fine. Now as soon as he opens the throttle it dies. - sometimes he can give it a little throttle and it keeps going, but 90% of the time it just bogs and dies. When reving high using some throttle and choke it spits and pops and bangs and a couple of times while hes being doing it ive seen a lovley little flame out the back, so thats telling me there is a bucket of fuel going in... There was water and a little dirt on the 'clean' side of the air filter in fact there was a little puddle of water with dirt at the bottom of it. But this may had dribbled down from the still wet air filter as its been siting there for a week. I want his bike working so i have someone to ride with I will give you the run down of events in case it helps with the diagnosis: He dropped the running bike in a muddy puddle on the non-exhaust side, the bike died when it hit the water (i assume it sucked the water into the carb) no water made it into the exhaust He took the bike out and waited for the water to drain from the airbox and tried kicking it over, but it didnt due to vapour lock. After 10mins he kicked it and it fired and had it running, he was able to rev it (he always revs the shit out of it) so he did that again.... rev rev a bit of steam out the exhaust and it worked OK. Still wouldnt run off the choke. He then tried riding off and made it about 5m forward and it made a bigger pop and stalled. He got it running several times after that and each time would stall when accelerating. I checked his oil and it was a lovely light tan colour I have helped him replace the oil a couple of times and the oil filter, I cleaned the air filter for him too (never seen one that disgusting before..) . I suspect that hes got some crud in his carb, either dirt in the jets, or water in it that trys to come out when he accelerates.. but im guessing. Im hoping some clever dicks here will be able to help?
  4. stalin

    Whistling Battery on 625

    Ignoring the posibility of it blowing up, avoid breathing the fumes of the battery as well.
  5. stalin

    Aussie riders

    There is an 'International' Section.... I'm from Adelaide ride a '03 YZ250F totally rebuilt couple months ago with a few spiffy bits. Also have a CR125R
  6. stalin


    it's 'mate' in Oz.
  7. stalin

    Pics of whats left of my motor!!!

    linky works now, and its not pretty.
  8. stalin

    goin to break in my new 06 tomorrow

    I just broke in my totally rebuilt (top and bottom) 03 YZ250F yesterday. clean air filter (of course) Ran it hard, short shift (but never let it bog) change the oil very frequently to remove the 'garbage' makes for a happy bike
  9. stalin

    sit or stand?

    I'm 6'6" and really have very little contact with the bike when standing, which makes control difficult. I also tend to sit alot more to conserve energy. I think some lowered pegs would help most tall people with stand up control.
  10. stalin

    yz250f vs yz450f

    I came from a 91 CR125R to a totally rebuilt 2003 YZ250F and the power gets me at times. I'm 6"6' and weigh a bit so was considering a 2004 YZ450F, im glad I stuck with the 250.
  11. stalin

    Don't look at the ruts

    That old philosophy works on Mountain bikes as well. However i ignored it riding my YZ250F yesterday, hit a rather large rock (1 foot by half a foot) because i was staring straight at it thinking 'really dont think i want to hit that thing.. look at all those sharp edges, man that would hurt if i fell on it' needless to say, i clipped it with the front wheel, but didn't fall, or damage the rim.
  12. stalin

    Adelaide, SA

    I will add another couple. - Little Dip Conservation Park - Flinders Ranges (pretty much everywhere)
  13. stalin

    Adelaide, SA

    For those of you from Adelaide South Australia, where do you ride? - Pelican Point - Port Gawler - Lonsdale/Reynella Quarry - Fishermans Bay Cape Jervis - Southern Cross Motorcycle Club Do you ride at Kuipto, or Mount Crawford, if you do, do you have problems with the Rangers/Parks guys? Just looking for some extra spots to ride.