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  1. 41 is def too big for a 435. I have an FCR41 on an XR680L and it runs well
  2. For straight sections or highway cruising, I both offset my butt on the seat and 'hang off' one side or the other and also stand up periodically and I have the OEM gel seat. The stock seat is unmanageable
  3. SM Driz Feeling lighter without dead weight Driz
  4. And as it looks more recently...it's back in dirt trim right now though. This is near Half Moon Bay, CA
  5. Not as international as some, but here's my Drizpig as a complete stocker when I first got it, over looking the San Francisco Bay
  6. latest pics from Monday's test day at Sears Point
  7. Darrick, tried to PM you , but your inbox is full. I saw you at Sears Point on Monday and it appeared as though you were coaching a student 1 on 1? If so, or if you are intersted and available to do private coaching in the NorCal area, please PM me or send me an email at slydrite@yahoo.com. thx
  8. I just today, watched a suspension specialist take my forks apart. There were at least 3 special tools needed and he also has a Motion Pro Fork Vice bolted to his work table. He has specialized knowledge and training and it did not look easy. YMMV
  9. update,...much motor work later, including complete rebuild (all stock except for 13.5:1 Weisco and Kibblewhite valves and springs), new brake system...took the bike out last Sun. Handled well, but seems quite slow...I think my gearing is off - currently 13/49
  10. Eddie, what fuel screw do you recommend?
  11. that is an amazing page!!! saved & subscribed!!!
  12. ^ totally agree...that is something I can deal with....if there's a gearbox problem, I'm gonna need some professional help... the weird thing, which I've never experienced before, is the locking and unlocking...bizarre anyway, haven't had time to futz with after the initial look-see, but as soon as I have more definitive questions and/or answers, I'll post back thanks all for your thoughts..
  13. is the tensioner a common failure? as far as I can tell from looking in the spark plug hole with a flash light and looking at the spark plug, there doesn't seem to be any obvious piston damage I'd hate to pull the head if I don't have to....many signs (locking and then unlocking) are pointing me towards the gearbox, except for the fact that it won't start again when it does spin over feck!!! what to do, what to do???
  14. Hi all, New to the Honda and CRF sub forums. I bought an 04 CRF250x over the weekend. I bought it because it was a rental bike that I was riding in SuperMoto practice before a race weekend. In the 3rd practice, the rear wheel locked up and tried to spit me off, but I grabbed the clutch fast enough. Back in the pits, the motor would not turn over on the button and the kick starter was locked solid at the top of its stroke. I figured a valve seat dropped out and caused chaos (known CRF issues, right?) and that's what was locking the piston up. So I offered the owner a cheap price thinking this was my chance to get a race ready SM at a low initial investment, and bought the bike from him. But the story get weirder today. I began to try and figure out the extent of my damage...pulled the valve cover off and everything looks ok (it's hard to see the intake valves under the cam, but there was nothing out of the ordinary looking in the top of the head); took the spark plug out and it looked perfect, no aluminum deposits like 2 smokes get when the piston sticks. Top of the piston looks good (normal) from the spark plug hole Hit the starter button by accident and it cranked over. Put the tank back on and I could not get it to run, but it cranked over just fine. And then it locked up again after is sat for a while. I'm getting a 10mm moto adaptor for my compression tester tomorrow, but if I can't get it to crank, that won't do me much good. The really puzzling thing is that the bike won't start when it does crank and it does 'sound' like low compression when I crank it, but they're no evidence of overheating. Additionally, intermittent locking up is something I've never experienced before. My question is, has anyone ever heard of this and/or have any experience with something in the gearbox or clutch or starter clutch f'king up in such a way that the motor locks up intermittently???