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  1. Roczen back in the FOX gear... what have I missed
  2. Thanks for commenting. I get what you mean. Just wanted a second opinion before i get this thing back on the trails. Cheers mate.
  3. Thought id find this in search, but no luck. Just replaced rear wheel bearings on a '08 wr450 and wondering is there any need to pack with grease the back of the wheel collars before putting them back on. Was only going to go with a smear around the alloy bits, but just checking with you guys first. Thanks!
  4. Others will prob have more of an idea, but just wanted to post that i have a 08 WR450 and mine will sumtimes lock (both kickstarter and electric starter unable to turn over engine) up like you describe when ive stalled out on the trails. Usualy just rocking the bike backwards whilst in gear is enough to 'unlock' it and will fire up right away. From what I read it could be just the engine stopping at TDC and also have seen somewhere that maybe installing a hotcam is a way to fix problem from happening, but its never bothered me too much to look at going down this path.
  5. Why hasnt SuperX site updated with any news/vids yet... poor darts! The first two rounds, highlight vids were up by next morning... Been checking in all day
  6. Supercross

    Perhaps the TLD guys had already spoken to Chad Reed before they realised that they were not going to be able to afford BT101 aswell this season, hence the BT101/TLD split..? That except was a good read that silver_fox posted Good Luck to CR22 for the 2011 season wherever he ends up! Perhaps may be the last time? Im sure he would love to be able to give it a red hot crack, and claim one more championship. Bonus would be that all the top 5 riders remained injury free and to beat them straight up so he can silence some of the haters. Its shaping up to be a great season!
  7. Supercross

    Was just reading this - http://www.motoonline.com.au/2010/10/28/ama-sx-reed-back-on-a-honda-in-troy-lee-designs-test/ Doesnt really add much to whats already in this thread though
  8. Supercross

    +1 good Vid!
  9. Supercross

    ...but got the holeshot and then caught a tuff block in the 2nd. http://www.superx.com.au/super-x-tv/ByDate/Monster-Energy-Super-X-OPENS-Final-2-Newcastle---/10128/
  10. Good vid The camera was mounted to your chest somehow?
  11. Motocross

    Robbie Marshall looks to be racing a YZ in the lites class, came 11th last night in both finals at Newcastle... First yamaha they show on the gate (#51) You can watch highlights here: SuperX Lites - 1st Final
  12. I never got into dirtbikes till i was 24, and my first bike was an XR250. Was an awesome machine
  13. Cleaned and Re-oiled my Airfilter ~ B B B B B Boring! Just caught up on the last 15 or so pages of this thread, and i have to say i still really like the look of the Steel Framed WR's. Not sure what it is about them.
  14. Had the problem on my '08... Mine seems a lot better now since putting a performance baffle in the end of the pipe... Guess now with less back pressure, the massive engine braking effect the old baffle had was flapping the chain round... Have also heard that if you put some silicone under the swing arm rubber, it lessens the effect of the chain slap, but havent tried this myself.
  15. Nice work! That Harley must have been similar to the one they backflipped not to long back, maybe even built by the same guy! Either way, they both sound awesome!