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    Smaller tanks on newer bikes?

    Also if you look in your fuel tank after all fuel has been drained, even the reserve you will still have much fuel in the right side of the tank that is unusable. 2001 XR400R I am thinking a larger tank.
  2. moptop121

    smaller jets for newer Xr 400

    Stamped on the side of the carb: Keihn, PD KIC B 004 main jet 142 slow jet 52 2001 Honda XR4000R Stock exhaust Stock air filter moptop121 in Hampton Ga Field elevation 840 ft above sea level
  3. Why does Honda recomend smaller jets for the newer Honda XR-------Main Jet for 96/97=158 to 162 Main jet after 97 =142 the same goes for the slow jet Slow jet for 96/97=60/62 Slow jet after 97 =52 Can you jet the 98 and after with the larger jets as in the earlier models? I have the XR400r 2001 with the stock jets of-main=142 and slow jet =52 and it is lean on on all circuits. my field elevation is 840 ft above sea level Ride year round but mainly in 80 to 90 degree weather Dry conditions moderate riding fire service roads north GA mountains and local pay places to ride the only mod is a k&N air filter Engine, carb, exhaust is stock according to my Honda manual The engine is hard to start cold but fine when warmed up The spk plug is white Runs great when warm except for a little hesitation on a quick throttle opening I have not checked the valve lash yet The engine idles great with no engine noise Do not know the needle size or position, Just bought this bike, excellent shape with all service records. Can you recommend jet sizes and or any thing else i need to do for the carb. Carb numbers on body=PD, KIC, the letter B in a square box, 004 Thanks, I hope I gave you what you need. moptop121 in Hampton Ga