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  1. Tige_Lamb

    Any/all info on CRFont brakeline

    Thank you NH Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Tige_Lamb

    Any/all info on CRFont brakeline

    Hey buddy let me shine a little light your way. Maybe you need to change your heading to something else. Did you ever think to check the Archives? Most of the WR's here have great front brakes and everyone knows where to get a Dash----1 brake line.
  3. Bad getoff this weekend in a hareS. and bent the circle/banjo part of front brake line that goes over bolt into resivor. Heard a few good things about CR type brake line. Any and all comments welcome. Also looking for a source that may stock this part. 99WR No2injection Saftyorange plastic grocerycart wheels on 2"x2" steelpipe for wheelie bar da da da da Da.
  4. Tige_Lamb


    Better late than never! I finished the last 2 1/2 laps 10.2 mile loops in a national harescramble at Kahoka Mo. on a flat with one rim lock that worked fine! 5th in open A class was not how I wanted to finish, but WFO is only so fast when your going sideways on a flat. As far as power and torque to the wheel. I gave it all she had!!!!!!!
  5. Tige_Lamb

    What Grips are people using?

    Moose has a precut grip for bar ends. But they are really made by pro grip. So far I like them. A little hard.
  6. Tige_Lamb

    Accel Pump

    MilkMann 2544 While I was writting a response your Pic came to life and its a winner in my book. This helps confirm my thoughts and brings hicks remarks to life. Thanks!!! ThumperHeads and ThumperTalk. Happy Thumpin............
  7. Tige_Lamb

    Accel Pump

    Thanks for the info Hick! Might have to tear into Blue tonight. Darin in heaven, pic will greatly be appreciated. BTW 99WR not as hot as Darins vintage yellow fellow. tigevickie@prodigy.net
  8. Tige_Lamb

    Accel Pump

    Need a little help on locating my accelerator pump on carb. Still waiting for my sevice manual to arrive. Heard this needs cleaning/checked often. Does this take much time?
  9. 2-sets Thanks Bill! Mailing check in the morn.
  10. Tige_Lamb

    ThumperTalk.com decals for sale!

    Bill I tryed to Email you a couple times. Anyway here is mine tigevickie@prodigy.net I would like two set please. Thanks Thump On!!!
  11. Tige_Lamb

    DOT Legal Knobbies

    Dunlop D606 Rocks! I used it for about 400 miles in moab. Then did two hare's with it because I was low on $ and it still had some decent tread left.
  12. Tige_Lamb

    ThumperTalk.com decals for sale!

    Two more here!
  13. Tige_Lamb

    Calling milkman2544

    Darin thanks for the info! Sorry I missed your call. Was out working on trailer/dewinterizing. Good luck at hillbilly G.P. Don't know if you are going to run any of M.H.S.C.. Iam not quite up to speed yet, from Nov. bone breakage/liguments but sunday is first run this year. April 29 at kahoka is my goal to start racing again. I will keep an eye out for you if you decided to make that long haul.
  14. Tige_Lamb

    Calling milkman2544

    Don't know if you will get this soon enough. I live in KC and three of us are headed to chadwick either Sat. or Sun. wondering what conditions are like? We are watching the last 4" of snow melt here and itching to thump! We know that there is not much dirt there+water=mud. But not sure if you got any snow. Because those rocks are fun enough without snow or frost... 913-888-3736
  15. Tige_Lamb

    what is the octopus?

    Dito SFO! The two best sounds in the world to me would have to be the bark of my WR and the purrrrr... of my kitten.