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  1. Is there a OEM complete valve kit that includes valves, springs and seals from Yamaha and if so does anyone know the part number? Thanks
  2. that's totally normal, it's heated at the factory so that the halves and pin can be pressed together
  3. What kind of insurance did you get?
  4. Nope, just stretched the cable loop and worked the slave cylinder thru
  5. I got mine thru by just tweeking the cable loops and making the cylinder go thru.
  6. Buy some nice sandy loamy land in Simcoe, Vanessa way build a track and I'll be there!
  7. Awya, I know you are bored and looking to ride with your bolted up tires but why don't you get one of these instead? I think you may need to get a 450 now!
  8. True! I broke my back a few years ago at a race, went to the hospital, xrays done , told me I had a cracked vert and were going to do a small operation once the swelling went down so they fitted me with a brace and I waited in the hospital till they could "fit me in". I walked the halls, went outside, showered, everything they told me to do. When they finally got me in the operating room the Dr opened me up and after over a 9 hr operation, finding three burst vert and so much internal bleeding, he told me that I should never have been walking at the hospital, I should have gone straight into emergency and I was less than 1mm from being paralyzed...all because they cheaped out and didn't do a full CAT scan on me when I first came in!! Ontario hospital cut backs!! While riding in SC my buddy broke his arm and wrist really bad and his stay in a US hospital was like a stay at the Hilton!!! Private room, great Drs, gourmet food and NO GREEN JELLO!
  9. The best medical insurance is called.. Demerol and a buddy to drive you real fast back to Canada!!
  10. Nope, you can ride there as long as the conditions are good
  11. Can anyone play hookey tomorrow and go to the SCR track? I am hoping to leave here shortly after lunch. Let me know
  12. I am having a difficult time finding someone who sells Vertex 300 big bores. I have tried ATV unlimited and Eric Gorr, both with no success. Can anyone give me some leads? Thanks
  13. Anyone riding tomorrow afternoon anywhere?
  14. I'm going to try the club track tomorrow morning. I will be there for 10
  15. I think I will head out to the club track first thing in the morning. It's been awhile since I rode so it should feel good to get the spider webs blown out.