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  1. wr 250 strip the engine right down taken all the bolts out we think but the casing will not spilt in half can any one help! or if any one can down load any info on it it woud very help full thanks
  2. ade ktm

    no 5 th gear

    help my 5 th gear has gone on my wr 250 can you any one help:
  3. ade ktm

    No Spark Help

    just checked the wireing loom changed all the fusees and the fuse box and the kill swicth and still no spark cheers boys
  4. ade ktm

    No Spark Help

    many thanks for all your replys its not the kill swicth, i have changed the spark plug cap for a new one. when i lost the spark i was changing the head lamp the live wire touch a earth wire and made spark:censored: and never started many thanks ade:ride:
  5. ade ktm

    No Spark Help

    hi thanks for that but were is the resitors on the bike is it the small blocks under the tank:excuseme:
  6. ade ktm

    No Spark Help

    hi can any one help i have a 1996 xr 250 it has no spark check all over the bike checked the coil ,plug ,cdi and sator unit and pick up and looked for brakes in the loom a bike shop said it coud a resitor :worthy: can any one help
  7. ade ktm


    got a ktm sx 400 i am puting it on the road put a ktm head light on a voltage regulator full wiring loom and swicthes been riding the bike for a few weeks the lights have been working fine but my main beam has stop working tested the swicth and the voltage regulator and the head light there are no broken wires can any one help:
  8. ade ktm

    valve timming

    Does any one how to set up valve timmg ktm 400 sx
  9. ade ktm

    timming 400sx

    :crazy can any one tell me how set the timming up on the 400 sx 2002
  10. ade ktm


    Any technical data on the valve length (exhaust valve) on the 400SX. Cheers:ride:
  11. ade ktm


    Riding bike today round the track just plodding along not doing any real sort of speed- bike locked up and died, wont even kick over any ideas before I start to strip it??????
  12. ade ktm

    ASVlevers ktm

    : :does any one now were i can get asv f3 non breakalbe clutch & brake levers 3 finger ones ktm 400sx 2002 and do they send to the uk because they are to much in the uk cheers:ride:
  13. ade ktm


    thanks dave i will have a look at that
  14. ade ktm


    sorry dave were do i find the head pipe cheers ade
  15. ade ktm


    cheers dave:thumbsup: i have look at cab it,s working fine but if you rev it hard & let the thortle go she back fires