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  1. stephen89

    02 250 sx case's needed

    I have a 02 250 sx, the chain broke and the clutch slave cylinder saver worked. So now I need crank case's. Just the left broke, but it looks like KTM only sells them in pairs. thanks
  2. stephen89

    Who owns a 450X and a 450R?

    I have 02 450r and a 05 450x. In a drag they are so close it's crazy.The r hits hard even when rolling on the throttle. The x power is so "electric" but it hits just as hard with a fast twist. I ride the r mostly in desert whoops and sand I ride the x in the mountain single track. But if one needs some work the other works ok. the x is a little heavy [street legal dual sport kit] for sand the r power hits hard sometimes on singletrack.
  3. stephen89

    What the Hell is up with my oil!!!

    the manual say's to run the motor then let it sit for 3 minutes (so that that thin warm oil sits in all the right places and runs out of the other places) this gives you what honda says is the perfect level. anything close is OK. a little high is better than low. I have a 02 R that goes in 100 miles in the desert a week. ( kibblewhite valves, and a piston) No seals. Sometimes I add a little oil between changes but mostly if it gets low, I figure I should have already changed it.
  4. stephen89

    What length Chain?

    you don't want to do 13/52 because 13 goes into 52, 4 times that means the counter shaft and rear sprocket will rotate 1 to 4 any kink will wear the same spot on both sprockets ( a big deal ) not moving around as it would with 13/51
  5. stephen89

    Plating the X - Street Legal in Texas

    I 've plated one in Texas, get ins., go to a chopper shop that does TSI that would work, choppers don't seem to need anything. To do it right get dual sport kit(research brands) and mirror and tires. I went to the chopper shop and he filled out all the paper work for the inspection sticker, odometer statement. Then to the county tax office.
  6. stephen89

    More-better topics for Shady

    #8 "I think" I made mine street legal and some times supermoto, I used KTM wheels to get the cush drive ( what a pain to get stuff narrow enough). I think i'd try honda xl wheels. With 14/40 gearing I hung with a Ducatti and triumph 900 on mountain twisties, that was a blast. 320mm front disk, stopping power. 05 X,02 R,83 vf750f,83 atc200x, 80 wasp/yamaha sidehack,75 cr125
  7. stephen89

    crf and crfx450 shock link differences?

    The parts are different lengths but interchangable. A X link would be a R lowering link. kouba links makes lowering links for just about everything. If my memory is right a crf3 link lowers a r 1 3/4 and a x 1/4. a crf4 link lowers a x 1 3/4 and to much for a r. crf450r&x
  8. stephen89

    Scott SX2 grips

    spider grips!!!!! crf450R&X(SM sometimes) spider on everything vf750f waveblaster
  9. stephen89

    Kouba Lower Links

    I put a crf 4 on my street legal 05 X and I love it in the mountains and on the street at stop signs. I am think of adding a spacer inside the forks to lower the front a little more for the desert. steve crf X&R, wasp/yamaha mx sidecar
  10. stephen89

    Rekluse with Duel Handbrakes?

    I got to ride a yzf450 with rekluse and a hand brake it still had the foot pedal it worked really well anywhere I wanted to be on the brakes and have my foot out. rocky singletrack downhills with a right turn. crf 450 r & x 2 rekluse
  11. stephen89

    Black Bear Vs. CRF450X

    In the desert of southern new mexico, I was cruising down a sand wash came around a bend there a nice mule deer jogging out of my way. I go around the next bend there a mountain lion jogs by looking over his shoulder, with a pissed off look on his face, I just messed up his plans for breakfast crf 450 X & R
  12. stephen89

    newb needs to modify pipe

    bikes are getting kicked off both public and private land partly due to noise. why make more than needed. i want a x pipe for my r. steve crf450 r&x
  13. a old honda "guru" buddy thinks valve size may have something to do with there life span. intakes go bad on honda's (2 big valves) exhaust dont (2 smaller valves) yamaha's intakes don't (3 small valves) exhaust don't (2 small valves) crf450r&x
  14. stephen89

    450X suspension linkage

    sorry to break the news they are different. The R lower link is shorter.( 5 mm i think) It would make the back really tall The Kouba link lowering link for a R would work i think it would lower a x 1/4 in they run 140 if that less than stock. steve crf450x & r