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  1. im using #1275 cr8e ngk no problem
  2. do not have answer but have seen all our bikes do same thing in dark .
  3. what kind shape is it in and how much
  4. Has any one with 05 or 06 yz250f got a stock pipe they have pulled off and would like to sell ? looking for one to put on wr 250f? thanks for any reply.
  5. if take out baffel. should i use stock 2005 yz jets ? or what do you think ? thanks.
  6. should i use stock 05 yz 250 jets ? or how do i know what to use ? thanks .
  7. Have new 05 wr250f have done throtle stop and gray wire . if take out baffel out of pipe will i have to re jet ? or any thing else? any help thanks.