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  1. I get a '404 Not Found' message for all the pictures.
  2. I asked pretty much the same question a few months ago and I think it was Eddie Sisneros that claimed that the front may be made to fit with some effort but that the rear would not fit at all.
  3. I went with the aluminum ones. However, when they arrived I thought they looked a bit too "raw". I solved it by spraying on a few layers of clear coat. It looks way better without giving it that "poser" look that I wanted to avoid by choosing raw aluminum. It also protects the guards from oxidation. I'm very satisfied with the result and it only cost me like $5 or so.
  4. As far as I know the hubs are stock Suzuki, same as on the E and S models. The rims are Excel, 3.5" front and 4.5" rear. As far as looks goes they are not as "flashy" as some of the available combos of Excel/Talon. I'm sure they are every bit as good strengthwise as Excel/Talon though. Perhaps even better since the stock hubs probably weighs a bit less.
  5. That's awesome! I'll certainly give it some serious thought. Which of the different sizes of big bore kits would you recommend for a bike used every day for commuting and both offroad and supermoto on weekends?
  6. How much does it increase the servicing needs? The stock S model need servicing every 3500-4000 miles or so. How often would I have to service the bike if I went with one of the big bore kits?
  7. Man, I wish gas was that cheap over here. I get ripped off every time I go to refill the tank. I have to pay $6+ a gallon. I'm still going with a FCRMX carb for my DRZ...
  8. I just ordered my wheels and they haven't arrived yet so naturally I haven't ridden it yet. I went with the stock gearing for the SM model which is 15/41. I guess the reduction in wheel size combined with the smaller sprocket should put the gearing in the same vecinity as the stock S gearing (15/44). Hopefully Suzuki knew what they were doing when they chose the gearing for the S and SM models. If not it's quite easy and not too costly to change it.
  9. I had to make the same choice a while back. I chose the S model because it is easy to get supermoto wheels to fit it along with a relocation bracket for your front caliper. It is, as I understand it, considerably more difficult to make a dirt conversion of the SM model unless you're willing to use an SM front rotor on your dirt wheels. That's the information I got when I asked around and that's why I bought an S model and now I'm looking for a good deal on supermoto wheels.
  10. Does anybody know which bikes that have hubs that fits a DRZ400 without heavy modification. I'm looking for supermoto wheels for my DRZ. Since new wheels costs a fair amount I'm also looking for used wheels but they are not easy to find. Every now and then a set of wheels appear on ebay but more often than not they are from another bike. I could probably get new spacers but I would like the wheels to fit well when it comes to spindle diameter, rotor and sprocket alignment, etc. So, which wheels from which bikes can I look for?
  11. OK, sounds like too much work then. Do you know from which motorcycles I can get wheels, except for the obvious choice of DRZ wheels, that will fit with limited amount of work. New spacers are OK but I'd prefer the rest to be a direct fit. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions Eddie. :-)
  12. I'm also interested in knowing if wheels from a WR250, WR400 or a WR426 fits my DRZ...
  13. Will a set of supermoto wheels from a Yamaha WR450 fit the DRZ400?
  14. I just bought an fcrmx carb on ebay. I would be very interested in a complete kit with everything but the carb itself.
  15. Thanks for the offer but I'm keeping the original wheels too. I'm going to put nobbier tyres on them and use them on gravel road and some enduro.