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  1. 230ryda

    who saw tp's double backflip?

    yea, there is 2 brothers that do a show on pitbikes, 150s and 230s.. they go off of half pipes and stuff on the pitbikes and do a couple wheelies and other tricks, then they get on the big bikes... and one of the brothers does do a backflip on a 230, it is insane, and a fun show to watch. i saw them earlier this year at the NY motorcycle show.
  2. 230ryda

    Lets Have A Little Contest Here!!

    it's between regos and ebeck...
  3. 230ryda

    new bike???

    oh yeah, i forgot to add that this bike is already race ready... 151 stroker kit, pro circuit pipe, i forget the aftermarket carb, and a whole lotta other stuff... thanks everyone, i think im gonna go with the kx
  4. 230ryda

    new bike???

    what's up TT. i got a 06 CRF230 for christmas, and nothing has been able to keep me off of it since. i have gotten pretty fast on it, but i find that it's underpowered in some situations, and it seems like i'm killing the bike pushing it so hard. i relly like the 06CRF250, and want it, but it is unrealistic for me to save up that much money. i have a friend who races in the 125 B class, and he has a 04 KX 125 that he was going to use as a practice bike. he rode the bike once, and didnt like the two stroke, so he has offered to sell the bike to me for $2,000. my cousin has been trying to get a bike since i got mine. do you think i should selly my bike to my cousin for around 2000-2500 and buy the KX? i am 15, 6'3, 210 of muscle, and i'm a very aggressive rider. how much different is the two stroke from the four stroke? how much more maintenence will i have to perform? how often do i have to change the top end? how much does it cost to change the top end? is this a good deal? thanks in advance for the help
  5. 230ryda

    Got a new bike 2day...

    what made u go 2 stroke???
  6. you are all haters... and the racers u like must all suck... so what, stewart crashes pretty often, but he still manages to get himself back into the races... he did all of this "falling" during this past supercross season, and STILL managed to come out as the champion... hands down, he is the best MX/SX rider there is, find me someone who can beat him, and dont say RC.
  7. 230ryda

    2005 or 2006 Honda CR125R

    crrider... how much do you want for the bike???
  8. 230ryda

    fork seals

    no!!! it would not look good at all.. i heard of someone doing that on this site last week, and i tried it on my 06 CRF230. it is the ugliest thing that i have seen in my life.. the fork boots dont even compress past halfway down the fork... go with these shock soxs that's what i'm gonna do...
  9. 230ryda

    What do you think for 2007???

    &%$#@! is EFI.... lol..
  10. 230ryda

    buying a 230

    no way!!! not at all.. all i have to do with my 230 is put in some gas, and im gone!!! only thing is, you may grow out of it.. i just got a 06 230, and i love it, but im getting pretty good, so im looking at a 250.. im also 6'3 200 pounds, and i want to start to race motocross.. but for the trails, the 230 is perfect. it all depends on what you want to do with it, but if you have the money, i would go with the 250.