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  1. Max Wedge

    ACR mod done!

    I wonder how many that makes for him?
  2. Max Wedge

    ACR mod done!

    Just got my KLX back together, and if anyone is thinking of doing this mod, I say do it. Brewster retimed it for me, and it starts so much easier now. I think I could use my hand on the kickstart now! Thanks Brewster! Now if spring would get here.........
  3. Max Wedge

    KLX300 Idler Broke...Help

    Just shipped my cam to Bruce-- can't wait to get it back together, snow or no snow!!!
  4. Max Wedge

    KLX300 Idler Broke...Help

    Brewster is still doing them!
  5. Max Wedge

    KLX300 Idler Broke...Help

    Took mine apart on my 2000 today, one broke tooth, and a lot of play in the gear. Broken tooth is lower right corner of picture. Has Kawasaki fessed up to this yet? Once I get this fixed, I hope Brewster is still in the ACR retiming business, because that is next on my list.
  6. Max Wedge

    street legal in MI

    In my area, they just sent out who ever was working. I was missing a something, so I had to have the officer come out a second time. I put the dunlops on, which are really similar to the original knobbies but are DOT approved. He didn't look, but just nodded and said, "uh-huh" while filling out the form.