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  1. I wonder how many that makes for him?
  2. Just got my KLX back together, and if anyone is thinking of doing this mod, I say do it. Brewster retimed it for me, and it starts so much easier now. I think I could use my hand on the kickstart now! Thanks Brewster! Now if spring would get here.........
  3. Just shipped my cam to Bruce-- can't wait to get it back together, snow or no snow!!!
  4. Brewster is still doing them!
  5. Took mine apart on my 2000 today, one broke tooth, and a lot of play in the gear. Broken tooth is lower right corner of picture. Has Kawasaki fessed up to this yet? Once I get this fixed, I hope Brewster is still in the ACR retiming business, because that is next on my list.
  6. In my area, they just sent out who ever was working. I was missing a something, so I had to have the officer come out a second time. I put the dunlops on, which are really similar to the original knobbies but are DOT approved. He didn't look, but just nodded and said, "uh-huh" while filling out the form.