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  1. anubis8680

    250x for slow riding and longevity?

    I got an 09 250x and often times I find myself going pretty slow at times checking out areas and terrain. Its pretty smooth in first an second sometimes I get first gear grabbyness before it warms up where you hit the gas and it kinds boss and lurches a little. That usually hours away after it warms up. Rejetting also fixes off idle bog.
  2. anubis8680

    Quick Air Filter Question

    Thanks guys I guess they make it product specific for a reason. Ill just star getting tacky foam filter oil. Appreciate it!
  3. I tried looking around here on the site but couldn't find anyone really addressing it. Total newbie new owner and rider as of this last Feb. After cleaning and drying your air filter, does it leak often if your bike sits overnight? I use regular oil not that spray on stuff, I use a ketchup bottle with a little tip and I drizzle it evenly and all over the filter and massage it in. But after sitting for the night The next morning it always creates a puddle on the ground, and an even bigger one the next day after! I know the obvious answer is "you are using too much oil..." but I don't think I am, just barely creating a little stream and rubbing it in. Kinda like a strudle with that icing on it, and the strawberry filling.... hmmm strudle..... My question is after all this stuff seemingly drains out am I still protected? the filter almost feels pretty dry. Should it be almost moist with oil right before use or is enough oil molecules still stuck to the filter to do the work it needs too? Just wanna keep this baby running clean as I can! Thanks All! Its a 09 crf250x if that matters at all...Don't think it should.
  4. anubis8680

    case bolt/oil filter bolt snapped off help!

    ooooh honda 424 good call if you don't got access to welding stuff try some bondo or crazy glue with a nut on that spot. worth a shot. otherwise drill the sucker!
  5. anubis8680

    Checked my valves

    A nice smooth drag with .011 feelers on both sides of the exhausts now! Yea, it was wayyy easy with the photo walk through basically idiot proof.. which is good, for me Great way to save some dough for sure! I'm psyched! Also was told by a friend who rides alot that on his 05 his top end is original and hes got LOTS of hours on it. So bonus there if thats not in my near future.
  6. anubis8680

    New bike day! (250X)

    sounds like a good idea, only down side is i got no way of transporting my X. All i got is a little honda civic. Once I get it plated up i could ride up there oh, once i get my motorcycle license I guess! Totally a fresh noobie rider, so still working on my trail skills. yea no racing yet for me, still need to learn how to pop wheelies and how to jump. Putting in as much seat time as I can though! Getting a bike is just another reason for me to get a truck... course getting 36mpg in the civic is hard to beat.
  7. Hey Guys, do you think Mineral Spirits is too harsh? I soaked mine in that stuff for about 15 seconds, sponging up the spirits with it ringed it out and wow. Like brand new clean! Did a few more dunks and squeezes and hosed the heck out of it and some soapy water too. Air dried, AZ sun is good for something 15 mins it was bone dry. Just curious if the spirits is too strong for all the materials there on the filter glues, foam edge rubber etc. Its for a CRF250X. Thanks guys!
  8. anubis8680

    New bike day! (250X)

    Yea, well I'm a little off to your East then. In lil 'ol Douglas.
  9. anubis8680

    New bike day! (250X)

    slay dirt where are you at in southern az ? Surely not the premier southwestern border community? Naco?
  10. anubis8680

    Checked my valves

    ya got an 09 with under 300 miles been riding since march. hence the mild confusion at having to do work so soon. running 91 with some octane booster. other than that stock. just dropped a vector on it though for speedo/ maintenance reminders run time etc. hit 77 on dirt and the 80 on pavement.
  11. anubis8680

    Checked my valves

    crf 250x , yes eventually it will. Its a high rpm vehicle light engine light weight parts.so things will shift and move. But if your measurements for your intake and exhausts valves are out of spec, all you need to do is shim them and keep an eye on their measurements. Also I am a first time owner and rider so a lot of these technical bits like shimming and other elements of ownership that can only be discovered through first hand experience. If sarcasm was what you were going for it fell kinda flat. And its got a 80mph top speed btw.
  12. anubis8680

    Checked my valves

    codeman thanks! you are a life saver !that link is money! I was really worried about the complexity of it all and if I was going to need to do a lot of work or time. Dude, under an hour that thing will be a done deal! thanks for that link! Excited now about getting this thing back into spec!
  13. anubis8680

    Checked my valves

    Thanks CodeMan appreciate it, haven't really torn stuff down too much before so this will be interesting. I'll get some shims, AND digital caliper measure them, I reload ammo too so that's already in my tool bag so to speak. I hear exhausts are easier then intakes as well? I'll dig around on this site see if I can get some walkthroughs to help me out. Think its ok to slap a few more running hours on it as is? or should I hold off until I can get that work done? Thanks all!!
  14. anubis8680

    Checked my valves

    Just checked my valves for the first time... Probably around 300miles on the bike now. L/intake was .004" and right was .005" right on and within spec. Now my exhausts.... well.... Spec is .011" the right side was spot on... the left was uhm... .008" Really tried to make the 9 or 10 fit. Just wasn't happening. I knew I should have checked it a little bit earlier but I was waiting on a torque wrench to get the Valve cover back on to spec. A friend of mine said ah just pop the thing make sure its clean, and snug it on pretty good. just not too tight and you will be fine. So now the question, (which I hate when I know the answer too) I gotta shim that left side valve don't I ? Brand new 2009 crf250x grabbed it off the show room floor. Just started riding it 2nd week in march and I am a new rider, and really haven't beaten it up at all, Revving and all that usually just gentle trail stuff. Sucks its already out of spec. Runs fine goes fine. Just that number worries me. Comments and opinions welcome.
  15. anubis8680

    Extended Gas Tanks

    Hi guys I'm looking to put an extended gas tank on my '09 250X, I would just like to hear what kinds of brands and sizes some people have used in the past that have worked well or not. Leaks, holes not lining up, poor customer service, etc. I am really looking for the largest one I can get and still keep my radiator shrouds on. There's a Clarke 3.0, 3.1, 3.3, 3.9 that I have found out there as well as a 2.6. Tried doing some searches on here but came up with other folks with different model bikes. I'm looking for the 250x here the closer the year to 2009 the better. Thanks Guys! Also give a shout out to some sites too if you know any, I check RockyMtn and Chapparral but not too many others. Appreciate it!