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  1. two to four

    Triple tree problems?

    I think that is where I am headed. It just seems odd, as this bike has not had a lot of use. I appreciate your responding to me, thanks William1
  2. two to four

    Triple tree problems?

    I have a 2006 wr250 Yamaha. It is my daughters, and has set for 2 years. I took it out for a drive and as soon as I took off the triple tree seemed to be a bit stiff. The more I rode the stiffer the steering became. Sitting still I have no problem, turns like it should. I can only surmises that it may have become dry, though that makes no sense at all, as it is greased with some pretty heavy stuff. I did notice that the area around the nut above rubber seal (that requires special tool to loosen as it is ribbed, ) has some leakage residue, and so does the area where the steering tubes meets the bottom part of the tree. This just seems very odd that it dried up, but then again I have never let my bikes sit this long before. . I originally thought the front tire was flat and making the steering hard. Hope someone can throw something back to me on this Thanks
  3. two to four

    Clutch problems WR250F

    I have actually been riding for 40 years plus. Clutch adjustment was the very first thing I did. My riding partner has been doing the bike thing even longer than I and we are a bit baffeled. We both have rebuilt many bikes two stroke and 4 stroke and complete top end on my Harley, clutches gears ect, , been completely through clutches ect, just getting baffeled on this one. Hoping to find someone that has had similar problem and what they did to fix. Thanks
  4. two to four

    Clutch problems WR250F

    When I purchase a 2006 WR250F about four years ago it had this problem. Started bike in neutral, dropped into first gear, bam motor stops So revved motor and dropped into first gear with clutch in of course bike surges forward somewhat like it is still half way in gear. So I bumped the front wheel into the nearest tree and in third gear gave her gas and lugged it down. This has always been a short short time fix and not completely, Still always seems to be engaged when I come to a stop in first gear,, still wants to pull some. I have been riding bikes all my life, own four dirt bikes an Electra Glide and a Suzuki Invader. I do know how to work on and replace clutches and so on. I believe many years back I asked this question on Thumper Talk and was advised to removed one of the plates, of which I did but still had same problem. It is my daughters bike so I would really like to find the real fix for this as it is a pain for her. Thanks in advance.
  5. two to four

    Noisy Clutch

    I bought a 2005 with 100 or so miles on it. The clutch makes the same noise. With clutch in, no noise, out, noise, and when I rev the engine in neutral I get a vibration. Do you get a vibration when doing the same? My partners 03 makes noise but no where near the noise I get. He gets no vibration when revining his engine. I have about 600 miles on it so far, it is the same. I do not like the noise and vibration, however this problem is my only complaint about this bike. Let me know if you get a vibration of sorts when you rev. the engine in neutral. If you do I will feel much better about things. I really feel that I just got one out of thousands made that the tolerences are not as close as they should be on the clutch, as may be your case also. Thanks
  6. Its been about a year plus since I required about the noise coming from my clutch when in neutral and when I coast in gear. We talked about the after market skid plate possibley making the noise echo. I pulled it off months back and still had the noise. I still also get vibration when in neutral while reving the engine. My parter has the 05 and I do notice some noise from his clutch but abut 1/4 what mine is. I do not feel any vibration when reving his engine in neutral. My question now is has anyone durring the past year or so had this kind of intense noise/vibration on their bike? Maybe something has come up since as a fix. I pulled the clutch apart to see if it had wear, did not notice any. The bike only had 139 miles on it when I bought it and the clutch was this way then. Thanks
  7. two to four

    under-bar stabilizers

    I just pulled off a sub mount set off my 06 wr250, it was on for about 300 miles, it came with the bike I just bought. I want to sell it as a complete set up including the ( Renthal fatbar) handle bars that came with it. This looks to be just what you want, it is the GPR triple clamp, bar mounts and Scotts stabilizer. Cost for this complete set up new is around $750.00, I want $350.00 and will pay the freight
  8. two to four


    I let my boy ride the WR when we went camping Memorial day and I took the 500. I still love the immediate rocket power it has, you can lug it down a trail and throttle it and it gets up and goes unlike the wr, you have to be very gear selective. I weight about 190 lbs. My son weighs about 135 lbs. Don't misunderstand me we are not motocross riders, we do like to ride the mountains and the off road parks and climb the hills but I have never been a competitive rider. Though we do ride em hard and climb em.
  9. two to four


    No not exhaust and I have already done the chain slap fix (and it worked by the way). This is coming directly from the left side of the motor. Since I sent this question air out I have been advised by none other than my partner I ride with, that this may be a resonating clutch sound that is magnified by the solid skid plate I have on my bike. My partner does not have the solid skid plate, therefore that being the reason why he does not have this sound. I will remove it and see what I hear on the next ride. I may modify it if this turns out to be the problem. I thank you for your interest in helping me. I think this TT thing is going to be big for me. Thanks again. Oh any input you may have please bring it on.
  10. two to four


    I have been trying to figure out how to ask questions on this site and I think I finally found it. WELL I have a 2005 and reason for buy: it was to get the cadilac ride and less NOISE. I went to this from a CR500 which I turned over to my 14 year old son. I bought the bike with 139 miles on it. Second ride I noticed that in neutral I could hear some noise coming from the clutch area. I pulled the clutch in and it went away. Out again and there was that crazy rattle/noise. Well my partner has the same bike but 2003, we immediatley listened to his, it was almost silent compared to mine (800 miles). I have found that when rolling down hill in gear I really hear noise and feel some vibration (vibration to slight degree). I sure hope this is not an inherent trait in this bike. Any ideas on this one. It is a bit noisier than it was when I first noticed it. I now have a total of 280 mile on the machine. ???????