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  1. HudBarnett

    2003 DRZs Problems

    Hi all I have a DRZ 400s 2003 model and I have a few problems. My first problem is when you are driving the bike and ease off the throttle and then put it back on there is a clunk like a lose chain. The chain is fine so this is not the problem. Would this happen if the clutch plates are worn down? Anyone got any ideas about this one? Second problem is I get a popping noise from the exhaust pipe when I am slowing down. I have checked and there are no holes in the pipe and I even resealed all the gaps with exhaust sealer. Anyone got any ideas about this one too. Thanks for your time.
  2. HudBarnett

    DRZ 400s 2003

    has anyone had any problems with the cluch in your DRZ 400s? Not sure but i think it might be wearing down a bit as when i change gear it jumps a little. Anyone got an idea of what this could be?
  3. HudBarnett

    trials tire fitment Q?

    I ride trials myself and and started using Parreli MT43 tyres on my DRZ and i must say they are very good. Note that competition tyres will not last very long on your DRZ as they are very soft, thats why i use Parreli MT43. They have a slightly stiffer compund.