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    Being Rider's Pop and Cindy's hubbie, moto, snowboarding,moto, mountainbiking, moto and MOTO!!
  1. riden wr in Co

    Wr 426 To Wr 450

    ALL free mods done. Top end on interstate is less than 80.It will pull the front up but not like the 426.
  2. riden wr in Co

    Wr 426 To Wr 450

    I sold my 01 426 and bought an 05 wr450. The 426 had the yz timing and a pipe and had the punch of a ???? 250 2 smoker on steroids! The 05 is stock and smooth but ,,,,,,,, slow and well slow. I would like to get the 05 to hit like the 426 but not sure what all I need to do and dont want to loose the bottom end. advice? and what happened to the spell check?
  3. riden wr in Co

    pipe suggestions

    I am looking to get an exhaust system or slip on for my 2004 450. I am wanting opinions and suggestions. Looking for power everywhere and QUIET.
  4. riden wr in Co

    New Engine

    thank you very much. I will take pictures, and the news about lower end may be OK is great. cams are Nasty, the head is melted, piston is stuck. I will have the courage to dig further this weekend. Pictures will be good for,,, boasting rights some day.
  5. riden wr in Co

    New Engine

    Where could I get a good top to bottom rebuild on my 2001WR 462? I ruined my engine by sucking in sand. MAJOR DAMAGE. I am not even sure she can be fixed. Please help.
  6. riden wr in Co

    I Suck!!!!!!

    Well it was unrelated. I helped out a guy out who was out of gas and pulled the carb out of the air intake boot while removing the new fuel hose I put on. It folded over on the side next to the shock. I affectively sucked in an hour or so of sand. The cams look like They were ground with a course grinding wheel, the head is melted on the cam seats and I cant get the head off yet. Enough for one day. thanks any way for trying to help. I re-iterate,,,,,I SUCK!!!!
  7. riden wr in Co

    I Suck!!!!!!

    So I put a new piston and rings in my '01 just a few weeks ago. Rode it Moab 65 or 80 miles. New to warm it up really well before git'n on it. Fast as a mo fo. This morning, I was late to a meeting, forgot all about the fact she wasn't broken in yet. T about 70 mph on I-70, she gave it about a mile then,,,she died. haven't taken it apart yet, thought I woulsd ask for tips advise help something. Please refrain from any smart ass comments until tomorrow as I Cant take it right now R.I.P. ????
  8. riden wr in Co

    Is there something wrong with you people?

    HEY KNOW BRO!! sometimes grass will make people CRANKY! or lack there of. anyway every time I see your post it seems I am up till....3:10 a.m. rallying the boys to write their letters. Thats all thanks to you. People do need to put the wrenches down and keep on the ball. Its great to have drivers of the band wagon. However, please be nice. Hippies don't suck any more than others, and certainly less than most (if not all)of our fearful leaders! Snow is a melting up here, so put away the snow toys and burn some dinosaur juice!!
  9. riden wr in Co

    Yankee in Colorado's court

    Hey Yank! Check out www.LMproductions.com He sells pretty fair maps and a kinda cool video or two. as the others told you, the central rockies is still in ski season, well until Sunday, but the snow is DEEP this year and the high country is still wet and snow packed. The front range and western-part of the western slop are awesome. Grand Junction has an OHV area right at the edge of town. Not really single track or MX. Its just..... THE MOON MAN! AWESOME. The front range has the already mentioned Rampart Range Woodland Park,and the Georgetown empire area might have some riding already. Have fun stay on the trail, and PLEASE do NOT liter or burn down the rockies.
  10. riden wr in Co

    Moab 4/22

    I just did the Kane Creek and somthing canyon on 4/7. KILLER prepare to get a little wet. Also will be in area this Mon- Wed.4/24-26 Look for the Vail crew all hondas,,, sept my YAMAHAMER. I will be out in front!!!!!
  11. riden wr in Co

    02' WR426 Newbie looking for a list of mods, free or not

    I live in Colorado and ride single track fire roads and such. Being the Rocky's and all, my 426 with the yz trimming has KILLED me in steep up hills and slick rock. You do get used to it but still stall and fall now and again. That midrange "hit" is awesome though and stays with 250 2 smokers until top end and then they are gone,,, gone in my dust!!!!! So, you have to think what YOU want. In MI I would go yz trimming.
  12. riden wr in Co

    Top end rebuild?

    Thinking of re-building top end. I don't have any broken valves so Maybe have them reseated and ground? Also piton and rings. If cylinder is still in spec, do you need it honed? when do you need to get over sized piston and rings? And how?
  13. riden wr in Co

    After Valve shims, PLEASE HELP

    It seems like after one does a valve clearance check, and shim replacement, you should run the bike and then re-check clearance and torque on the cams. Is this true? Can anyone confirm? Also how long after the adjust? maybe let it heat up to temp and idle a while? PLEASE, some in put on this. I cannot afford to blow her up. Baby boy gets the next bike, Pop's gotta wait!
  14. riden wr in Co

    Valve Adjust

    Just re-shimmed my valves. They were all at the outer limits of spec. Seems like they are all well within limits now but I am afraid of firing her up. Done valves before and know how to read the feeler guages. What are the consequences of too tight or too loose? Any One?
  15. riden wr in Co

    Hey WR 250er's

    I have a 2001 WR 426 that weighs 269lbs. (according to factory manual). Can someone tell me what a 2001 or 2001 WR 250 weighs? (according to the factory manual). I've got an idea.