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  1. Ruttmaker139

    08' ride reports??!!

    Jon.... The 07 bike is still a great bike. My son will continue to ride his in the mod classes for Loretta Lynn. The 08 was impressive to us because unlike his 06 and 07 we will not have to start playing with leak jets, main jets, new fuel bowls etc. I was interested to see that the new 08 comes with a 188 main jet. The 07 main was much smaller. I would expect that the head and cam mods that Honda have designed for the 08 bike are the main reasons behind the increase in power. Hope this helps
  2. Ruttmaker139

    08' ride reports??!!

    I have owned an 06 and 07 CRF and the 08 is by far a better bike out of the box. 06 and 07 had very bad bogs the 08 has none. Power is superior to both the 06 and 07. Exhaust note is great. Because I weigh 150 lbs the front suspension is a bit stiff for my liking. I give it two thumbs up. :thumbsup:
  3. Ruttmaker139

    cr125 or crf250r, which is faster?

    My son has been racing an 06 Suzuki RM125 and 07 CRF250R. The racing series he attends require transponders. Lap times from my son and the competition that race the schoolboy class (2 stroke) and 125 B class record lap times on the 4 strokes that are typically 3-5 seconds a lap quicker than the 2 strokes. My son enjoys riding the RM-125 because of its weight and agility but the throttle response of the 4 stroke helps him through the turns.
  4. Ruttmaker139

    how to straighten stock triple clamps?

    The method I use is to loosen all four of the lower triple clamp bolts and one side of the axle clamp bolts (non-brake side). Then follow the same process that you did with holding the front wheel with your legs and wiggle the handle bars until aligned. It works every time for me. I have had problems in the past when I did not loosen the axle clamp bolts. Hope this helps.
  5. Ruttmaker139

    New top end

    Yes the 139-144 big bore kit from max power is pricey. Spent over $1000 for the package. I have found some cylinders on E-bay for a good price. My rational for the big bore kit was that you had to sleeve or replace the cylinder anyhow. Helps offset the cost of a big bore kit. As for your original question either Weisco or a stock 06 / 07 piston work great. If you do order the stock piston dont forget to also order the c clips and the rod bearing. They are all sold seperate. Good Luck
  6. Ruttmaker139

    New top end

    Maybe a good time to consider a big bore kit. My son has a 139cc big bore from maxpower. He is impressed with the performance across the rpm. We have used Weisco for all of our 2 strokes up until 05. The new 06 / 07 stock suzuki piston is a little taller for higher compression. Good luck
  7. Ruttmaker139

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    My Son races the schoolboy class. We have 2 RM-125s
  8. Ruttmaker139

    Front brake driving me nuts

    I experienced the same problem on my sons RM-125. I ended up rebuilding the master cylinder which did not correct the problem. I ended up going to an auto parts store and purchased a brake bleeder system. It has a vacuum pump and pulls the fluid through the system. Worked great. Good luck