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  1. I agree with u LukeJT that Baja Designs dual sport kits, & Baja Designs stator is a piece of crap. I own a 02yz426f with a flimsy Baja Designs dualsport kit. I had 2 send in the rear fender kit because it had so many stress marks from the person assembling the kit. My Baja designs stator also leaks, at first Baja designs said it was a gasket, still leaked, then they said it was a torque issue, still leaked. By this time I wanted 2 return the part, of course BD said no. After further investigation, & talking 2 Ben in the technical department, all of the stators leak for our bike (thanks Baja Designs for telling me after I spent $500 on a NEW part that leaks & has A flaw in the design) So then only option was 2 send it back & have them (jimmyrigit) it with some glue. Thanks 4 speaking the truth & informing the public that Baja Designs sucks for thier quality in dualsport kits.
  2. halfbaked

    Small Dual-Sport

    Get a crf150 street legal
  3. Does any1 know if DSPracing is still in business. Ive tried calling & going 2 the website but no luck. Any info. on how 2 get a hold of them?
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    Clutch pull?

    :thumbsup:Get a magura hydralic clutch, best mod I ever did 4 my bike.Magura clutch is smaller than stock set up. U wont be sorry on this purchase. Clutch pull is so much easier, i can use only my pinky.Yamis just have harder pull but sick bikes. Own 01 250f, & 02 426f with a baja street legal kit, 04 R6